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    Illegal rapes 13-year old in front of school ... sault.html

    POWAY – A man sexually assaulted a 13-year-old boy near a middle school Monday after luring him to a hillside encampment with alcohol, sheriff's officials said.

    Deputies arrested Jesus Mora Nava, 30, in the area later that night and booked him into jail on suspicion of several child molestation charges. His bail was set at $235,000.

    He is also being detained on federal immigration violations.
    Sheriff's investigators say Nava approached the boy near Meadowbrook Middle School Monday afternoon and led him to a nearby hillside, where it appeared Nava had been camping out.

    They said Nava gave the boy alcohol before sexually assaulting him.

    Sheriff's deputies were alerted at 3 p.m. shortly after the attack and interviewed the boy at the school and later at a hospital.

    Deputies searched for the man, but found the camp empty.

    Later that night, a sheriff's helicopter used a infrared camera to detect a heat source in the area.

    Nava was arrested after a short chase. Investigators say he was identified based on the victim's statement and help from local businesses.

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    It is a wonder that we are not seeing a wave of lawsuits against the Federal Govt. for not having enforced the laws that control our borders.

    "I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces from within." General Douglas MacArthur

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    Has someone sent this story to radio host Rick Roberts in San Diego. He'll probably run with this one:
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    maybe we could get gobbits started on it.

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    You guys need to stop bashing these poor men who rape children. They're from another culture, and they have....well, '"urges". Who are we to tell them they can't tend to those urges? Isn't that racism? Aren't we violating their civil rights?

    I'm sure the ACLU would have something to say about this!!

    Disclaimer: I hope you all sense the above statement is dripping in sarcasm.
    Calderon was absolutely right when he said...."Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico".

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    You guys need to stop bashing these poor men who rape children
    Hmmm... The word "bashing" is interesting; just give me 5 minutes with one of these poor men and I will explain it to them.

    I know I am walking a fine line with the rules and all but, for heaven sakes these are our kids!!!!!!!!!

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    My sons girlfriends sister works in Gastonia Ruby Tuesdays and she was rolling silverware one night and looked down the bar at this guy who kept looking at her. She said she had a weard feeling. She finally gave him a dirty look. He was displaying himself sitting on the barstool and smiling at her. She screamed and the manager came out to see what was going on. Of course the guy was a Mexican and couldn't speak much english. They threw him out. I was mad because they didn't report it to the police. This should of been reported along with all the other little things that they do and seem to get away with. If it was a American they would of been in jail still.

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