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    Illegals From All Over the World Crossing Border Rising flood of special interest il

    Illegals From All Over the World Crossing Border

    Rising flood of special interest illegal aliens on the U.S./Mexico border

    by Jon Bowne | | July 1, 2014

    Our borders, wide open to illegal immigrants from all over the world, are becoming increasingly susceptible to infiltration by terrorist groups as the Obama administration drives an unconstitutional exodus towards amnesty.

    Dr. Michael and Linda Vickers are the founders of Texas Border Volunteers, an organization based in Falfurrias, Texas that assists Border Patrol by serving as observers and reporting illegal activity.

    They routinely find dead bodies on their land, many of whom are not even from Mexico or Central America, and the deaths are increasing exponentially.

    The primary cause of death and trespassing is a repercussion of the “Funnel Effect,” in which illegals attempt to avoid the massive infrastructure built by Homeland Security at all costs, leading them into a death trap of severe dehydration and exposure to wild animals.

    The increase in fatalities also includes an alarming amount of illegals known as “OTM” or “Other Than Mexican.”

    “…Prior to last night it was running about 73 percent apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley are OTM,” says Dr. Vickers. “A lot of Central Americans but really from all over the world and we were informed last night that that number has escalated to 80 percent.”

    Human smugglers known as “coyotes” run a tremendously lucrative smuggling operation that has grown from a sporadic undertaking into, for all practical purposes, a billion dollar institution.

    “The Chinese are paying fifty thousand, the Indians are paying ten to twenty thousand, all the Central Americans the average is about seven thousand, so and the Mexicans are especially southern Mexico are paying three thousand so its a huge huge money event for the cartels probably even more lucrative than the drug business,” Dr. Vickers pointed out.

    The Vickers have witnessed Syrians and Iranian money being brought through their property by the OTMs.
    Back in 2012, former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed that she was working with the Mexican government to monitor “special interest aliens.”

    Aliens represent a clear threat to our National Security, but once the special interest aliens are apprehended from a new OTM country, future identities of that OTM country are classified.

    “We’re not told about the special interest aliens, we have had Somalians here,” says Linda Vickers. “Once they got on that special alien list they won’t tell us that anymore.”

    “But there have been Somalians, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Chinese, you name it we’ve had it here… our borders are porous they feel like their wide open right now, and that’s a dangerous scenario.”

    Former House Representative J.D. Hayworth once said that the government has “left the back door to the United States open.”

    “We have to understand that there are definitely people who mean to do us harm who have crossed that border,” he added.

    This is very alarming considering that just last year, software pioneer John McAfee warned of an impending ricin attack on the United States by a Hezbollah Terrorist organization in Nicaragua.

    There is a real and present danger gathering strength on our border as the Obama administration orchestrates the culmination of the shutdown of the United States disguised as a mass humanitarian crisis. The real trick here is not to give into fear as the left’s Cloward and Piven strategy dictates, but to be aware of the real players in the approaching endgame.
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