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Thread: ILLEGALS selling drugs and burgers in tent city at NYCís Randalls Island 01/17/2024

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    ILLEGALS selling drugs and burgers in tent city at NYCís Randalls Island 01/17/2024

    ILLEGALS selling drugs and burgers in tent city at NYCís Randalls Island

    01/17/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 2K Views

    Tags: anarchy, border security, chaos, Collapse, Eric Adams, Illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, insanity, invasion usa, migrant shelter, migrants, national security, New York City, Open Borders, policing, Randalls Island, safety issues, stabbing, tent city, violence

    According to a report, illegal immigrants presently squatting on New York City's (NYC) Randalls Island are now selling food and drugs at the migrant housing turned slum-like tent city.
    According to the New York Post, the tent city at the island has spilled out of the 2,000-bed site hurriedly constructed by city officials. Because of this, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks Department) is in a continuing process of chasing away a group of illegals who continue to set up camp outside the facility. Every time the group is dispersed, it returns a little while later and begins selling burgers and blunts (marijuana-filled cigars).
    "The problem is that you keep coming back. You're not putting a foot forward to get out of this situation," a Parks Department worker told a dozen or so illegals in Spanish. "You keep coming back to the same place where you're not helping yourself. Yes, you work for your family, to send money to your family. But you come back here doing things you're not supposed to be doing. This is a public park."
    However, the park worker's plea fell on deaf ears. Not long after the admonishment, the group set up folding tables against police barrier gates and used small propane burners to cook burgers for sale. Aside from the burgers, they also offered coffee, hot chocolate, loose cigarettes and blunts to fellow border crossers.
    Meanwhile, NYC Mayor Eric Adams said the Big Apple would put metal detectors in place at the site. He told reporters on Jan. 8: "We're doing a complete analysis of the security, beefing up our training, [putting] in place a few mobilization concepts, breaking down our location in a color-coded scheme."
    "In addition to the metal detectors, in the police department, and our team, we're going to utilize visual technology. We're going to put cameras in many of these sites in locations due to the quick response of a security team that's there."
    NYC taxpayers paying $25K daily to secure ILLEGALS

    The Big Apple is already spending as much as $25,000 a day on security at shelters that are housing more than 68,000 illegals in its care, officials said. However, this dislodges homeless American citizens in the process. (Related: New York City to spend $4.7 BILLION this fiscal year dealing with illegal immigrants.)
    Meanwhile, NBC4 reported that city officials are "redoubling" their efforts after the Jan. 6 stabbing attack that left one dead.
    "The overwhelming majority of migrants in our care came to our city in search of a better life and the American Dream. The small number of those disrupting that journey for the rest of the migrants in our care by acting violently will face enforcement to the fullest extent of the law," Adams' spokesman told the news outlet.
    The accused Randalls Island killer, 27-year-old Moises Coronado, was indicted on murder and gang assault charges in a Manhattan criminal court on Jan. 7, a day after the stabbing. He was ordered held without bail until his next hearing.
    Coronado and at least two others supposedly pursued victim Dafren Canizalez on the night of Jan. 6 inside the cafeteria tent at around 7:30 p.m., cornered him against a door and stabbed him in the chest.
    The two got into a fight after Coronado said something to Canizalez's girlfriend, as stated by prosecutors and sources. Canizalez tried to get away from his knife-wielding attackers, who continued to pursue him until he collapsed.
    Follow for more news about illegal immigrants in America.
    Watch Maria Bartiromo blasting NYC Mayor Eric Adams for prioritizing illegals over the police department.

    This video is from the NewsClips channel on
    More related stories:

    NYC Mayor Eric Adams warns illegal immigrants will DESTROY the city.
    BREAKING POINT reached: NYC, other sanctuary cities "tired" of illegal immigrants influx, struggle with local resources.
    NYC Mayor Adams: Illegal immigration under Biden has become a NATIONAL CRISIS.
    Illegal alien KILLS fellow migrant in row over woman at NYC shelter.
    Chicago officials refuse to disclose how they spent $120M in taxpayer money on ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.
    Sources include:

    ILLEGALS selling drugs and burgers in tent city at NYCís Randalls Island Ė
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Same thing they do in the filthy cesspools they came from.

    Round them up and ship them back.


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