Nice Illegal Immigrants and Not-Nice Illegal Immigrants: Telling Them Apart
By Marty Lich
Jun 26, 2005, 19:

Hey there Doug. Glad to see you are feeling better.
On your statement of "Those of the Minuteman-like groups who argue their position Beg the Question because they assume the dump truck of statistical speculation they dump into your lap really supports their contention that ALL "Legal/Illegal Mexican Migrant Workers" are: (all criminally motivated)"

The reality is Doug, we cannot have it both ways. We either address them all, which includes mainly nice (but illegal) families, or we address none of them, which include illegal alien gang-bangers, terrorists and drug lords. So far, it is we (The U.S.) basically address none of it.

We cannot differentiate between the two.

In the Denver shooting, if you were to ask Raul’s Gomez-Garcia’s employer or Raul's Los Angeles family, or his Denver girlfriend, he would be considered a real nice guy. If you were to ask Detective Young’s wife (now widow), or the Denver PD, he is a NOT nice guy. It is all in the perspective. One cannot have their cake and eat it too. As my mom sez, fish or cut bait. Do something 100% or do nothing 100%.

And, just for your information, this sanctuary city has gotten this: a Qwest executive was murdered by an illegal last month utilizing an illegal gun for the hunting season. Officials believe an undocumented worker is responsible. See: Suspect ID'd in Hunters Death.

The suspect is believed to be in Mexico. Their police chief also recently allowed the Mexican consulate to issue Mexican ID's from their pubic building, at NO CHARGE for use of the tax-funded building a couple of months ago. Try doing THAT for free with a USA church camp or group---won’t happen, I know. I used to coordinate them. See Hundreds protest, attend Mobile Consular.

Furthermore, Eagle County (where I live, sister city to Glenwood) was named as one of the 5 headquarters for MS 13 (May 15th, 2005. “Paz told investigators that she and Flores traveled to meet MS-13 leaders in Seattle; San Diego; Tijuana; Eagle County, Colo.; and Meridian, Idaho. Sur 13, who was at the Glenwood Strawberry Days, is part of that gang.. They are the Sureno (or Southerner) division of MS 13.

You reap what you sow.

Marty Lich