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    I'm trying the Opera Browser and so far this is lightning fast

    Ive been a Firefox user for a long time, but lately ive been working on our website speed issues and Ive noticed that our analytics say that Opera browsers load pages faster than any other browser.

    And on that note, was taking 8+ seconds to fully load pages on averages for visitors but thanks to recent changes ive made that average is now down to 3+ seconds.

    I did turn some features off and change some settings so please let me know if you notice any problems with the site.

    But the reason for this post is to let yall know this Opera browser is lightning fast.

    Im going to make it my primary browser.

    With the speed improvements we have in place, the average visitor to experience a page load time of 3.09 seconds which is much better than what we had going on before.

    Here are the speeds for each browser type

    Opera 1.14 seconds
    Firefox 2.64 seconds
    Internet Explorer 3.05
    Chrome 3.40
    Safari 3.91
    Blackberry 4.0
    Android Browser 5.36
    Yabrowser 7.07

    Yall might want to try this Opera browser. I think it is going to save me a lot of time on the web.


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    My speed problem isn't caused by the browser, it's the AT&T DSL that they have throttled down because I won't give them more money every month for more speed or pay more for U-VERSE.

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    I am sorry Mr. ALIPAC Administrator we had to move this articular in the other Forum. Please try to stay on topic. Its not like we have a life or anything else to do in life and its not like you posted something about an Army base that can clearly be related it to YOUR OWN SENIOR MEMBER Forum Description; "General Discussion
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