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    Immigration Reformers Are Winning August

    Activists opposed to immigration reform were all set to spend this month putting pressure on lawmakers to kill the legislation. But it hasn’t exactly been a show of force.Last week, the Tea Party Patriots and NumbersUSA, two groups opposed to “amnesty” legislation, heavily publicized a rally in Richmond, Virginia, featuring Steve King, the firebrand Republican congressman who recently claimed most undocumented youth are physically fit drug mules. But only a few dozen people showed up — far short of the hundreds organizers had planned for.
    Journalists posted photos of a lonely-looking King under a gazebo in a mostly empty public park. A reporter for Breitbart News, Matthew Boyle, tweeted, “If grassroots wants to kill #Amnesty they have to show up. #teaparty they are not here in Richmond.”

    WHAT EXACTLY IS EVERYBODY SO SO AFRAID OF????? I've been dying to demonstrate against this treasonous so-called immigration reform bill and have looked all over the internet for events and people to demonstrate against this treason with, BUT COULD FIND NONE!!!!!

    I did attend an Overpass for the Impeachment of Obama event last weekend and if you look at these events being held around the nation, some people are showing up with anti-amnesty signs.

    FAIR, NUMBERS USA and the TEA PARTY are doing SQUAT AGAINST THIS BILL as far as grass roots, feet on the ground demonstrations. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO INTIMIDATED? Go to the websites of these organizations and try to find something going on? YOU WILL FIND NOTHING. Numbers USA to their credit, organized the Rep. King event but no one showed up, WHY?????

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    NumbersUSA is reporting something a little different:

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