If your business is built on the backs of Silicon Valley tyrants (Apple, Google, et al) they can and will attempt to destroy you if and when you become a threat to their interests.
They did this to Gab. Then Fortnite. Now Parler.
Terrible content of all kinds is available on Twitter and Facebook.
Everyone on the planet knows this fact.
Yet both companies are on both App Stores.
Apple banning Parler is not the neutral implementation of some objective standard, but rather a cynical, politically motivated gesture and evidence of Silicon Valley elitesí disdain for ordinary Americans.
The solution, as always, is not government.
It is to build your own.
People mock this meme, but Gab lives it.
While others whine, we build.

Meet the Gab Phone.
Yes, itís real.
The Big Tech data mining silo must come down.
We will no longer be serfs on your digital plantation.
You will no longer control our digital destiny.
You canít stop the signal.
Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
January 9th, 2021
Jesus Christ is King ✝️
Donald Trump is President