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    India to Kick Out Foreign Workers

    This is the ultimate hypocrisy: Indian lobbyists have managed to turn the H-1B visa program into an American worker replacement program throwing hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work while Indian temp workers have been caught with fake resumes and turning themselves into illegal aliens with visa overstays, often at the behest of large Indian corporations. Now their same government wants their foreign temp workers "regulated" and to obey deadlines in the law, BY OCTOBER 31st OR ELSE! ... 178076.cms

    Government issues FAQs on work related visa for foreigners
    30 Oct 2009, 0019 hrs IST,

    NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) had issued a letter dated 20 August 2009 requiring all foreign nationals in India holding
    Business Visa (BV) and working on project/contract based assignments in India to return to their home countries on expiry of their BV or by 30 September 2009, whichever is earlier. This deadline was subsequently extended to 31 October 2009 by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

    The MHA has now issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on work related visas issued by India, clarifying the purpose, duration and various scenarios under which BV/ Employment Visa (EV) may be granted to foreign nationals.

    Key clarifications as per the FAQs issued by MHA:

    Employment Visa:

    EV shall be granted to a foreign national who is a skilled and qualified professional or person who is being appointed at a senior level or as a technical expert.

    EV shall not be granted for jobs which are routine/ ordinary/ secretarial in nature or for which large number of qualified Indians are available.

    The FAQs provide the following illustrative scenarios under which EV shall be granted to foreign nationals:

    • Visiting customer location to repair any plant or machinery as part of warranty or annual maintenance contract.

    • Foreign engineers/ technicians coming for installation and commissioning of equipments/ machines/ tools in terms of contract for supply of such equipment etc.

    • Foreign experts imparting training to the personnel of the Indian company.

    • For providing technical support/ services, transfer of know-how etc. for which the Indian company pays fees/ royalty to the foreign company deputing the foreign national.

    • Foreign nationals coming to India as consultants on contract for whom the Indian company pays a fixed remuneration (whether monthly or otherwise).

    • Foreign artists engaged to conduct regular performances for the duration of employment contract given by Hotels, clubs etc.

    • For taking up employment as coaches.

    • Foreign sportsmen who are given contract for a specified period by the Indian club/ organization.

    • Self-employed foreign nationals coming to India for providing engineering, medical, accounting, legal or such other highly skilled services in their capacity as independent consultants.

    Business Visa:

    The FAQs provide the following illustrative scenarios under which BV shall be granted to foreign nationals:

    • To establish industrial/ business venture or to explore possibilities to set up industrial/ business venture in India.

    • To purchase/ sell industrial/ commercial products or consumer durables.

    • For attending technical meetings, board meetings, general meetings for providing business services support.

    • Foreign nationals who are partners in the business or functioning as Directors in the company.

    • For consultations regarding exhibitions, participation in exhibitions, trade fairs etc. and for recruitment of manpower.

    • Foreign buyers who come to transact business with suppliers/potential suppliers, to evaluate/ monitor quality, give specifications,place orders etc. relating to goods/ services procured from India.

    • Foreign experts/ specialists on a visit of a short duration in connection with an ongoing project for monitoring the progress of the work, conducting meetings with Indian customer and/ or to provide high level technical guidance.

    • For pre-sales or post-sales activity not amounting to actual execution of any contract/ project.

    • Foreign trainees of multinational companies coming for in-house training in regional hubs of the concerned company located in India.

    • Foreign students sponsored by AIESEC for internship on project based work in India.

    BV cannot be converted into EV in India

    Foreign nationals who are already in India on BV are not allowed to convert their BV into EV in India. Therefore, they have to necessarily leave India by 31 October 2009 and get EV overseas.

    Foreign company not having presence in India cannot sponsor EV

    Where a foreign entity does not have any project office/ subsidiary/ joint venture/ branch office in India, it cannot sponsor a foreign national for EV.

    EV not necessarily to result in legal employment

    An Indian company/ organization which has awarded a contract for execution of a project to a foreign company can sponsor employee of a foreign company for EV. Further, such Indian organization/ entity would not necessarily be considered the legal employer of that person.

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    Too bad we cannot install the same stipulations on foreign workers in this country, but apparently the profit mode trumps national safety and job security. And Bill Gates has already whined that if he can't get all the foreign workers he wants, he will move Microsoft to Canada.
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    Don't let the border hit Gates in the butt on his way to Canada.
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    Since a few Americans working for the government don't seem to want to deport illegal foreigners, should we hire a few of these Indian immigration enforcers? Maybe they will do the job the American traitors won't.

    Personally I think we should hire some North Koreans, look at how they immediately threw those two illegal American journalists into prison!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELE
    Don't let the border hit Gates in the butt on his way to Canada.

    Agree, who needs Bill Gates? Microsoft is no longer innovative. Even their new Win 7 operating system is ripoff of the Mac Snow leopard & Linux Ubuntu operating systems. let him take his H1B loser team to canada, no loss.
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    Its an idle threat. Microsoft will have to pay so much in Canadian taxes, that he will lose no matter what.

    I really think he should move to India. Bsides who hasn't called technical support and NOT talked to an Indian or Pakistani in the first place, he wants foreigners so bad, MOVE TO INDIA.

    "Dank you fer calling TeCkNical Sueport, I am Bajaree, How may I help you?" LOL

    If you notice, Bill Gates was on the White house visit list to Obama.
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    At least this recession, or depression considering U-6 unempl. numbers, has helped reduce H-1B visa apps. for FY 2009. Now we have to keep an eye on bills that will open the door for illegals and temp. ag. workers to change from ag. to non-farm jobs once they're granted citizenship.

    The Agricultural Job Opportunities, Benefits, and Security Act of 2009, S 1038, now in Senate sub-committe, and its companion in the House, H.R. 2414 could legalize 1.5 million illegal alien ag. workers via the H-2A program over the next five years. This according to an article from on Oct. 17.

    This link may already have been posted. For any who haven't seen it yet, it gives more up to date info than OpenCongress and Thomas, both of which show no recent activity (in committee) on both versions.

    Good news is, these bills seem to be weakly constructed and haven't passed when tried before. Lets hope they don't go for a vote till after we vote out the usurpers. ... 70361/1001 ... arch.html|
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    Good for India. Now if America could just send all the Indians back to their home country that are here in taking up jobs through the H-1B visa program.
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