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    Invaders a major problem Bush simply ignores

    We Get E-Mail

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    Posted 10.12.05

    Dear Glenn,

    Just writing to say hello! Still enjoy reading your site. Also I will share a quick story.

    I have a friend whose wife is a first grade teacher here in Oklahoma. She told me that last week that she was sitting at the lunch table with her class when one of the little Mexican students sitting across from her started speaking in Spanish to another student. She just turned her head towards them and he noticed her do that. He looked at her and stated, "You do not understand Spanish do you?" She replied, "Not much". He continued, "I am not going to speak to you white people anymore"! She asked, "Why?" He replied, "Because you white people stole our land! That is what my daddy says"!

    Another teacher sitting nearby overheard the conversation, turned and replied, "Well it is good that we did, so you could send money back to Mexico!"

    So, there you have more proof. The Mexicans think that they can come here and take land that was stole from them! That is what the adults think and that is what they are teaching their children, and our stupid elected officials just have no idea what the hell is going on! President Bush and the entire DC group is giving away the whole country and do not even know it! My dad would roll over in his grave if he knew this bullshit. I am not talented enough to write in words the bullshit that is taking place in this country. I am just "speechless"!


    JF -- Oklahoma
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    President Bush and the entire DC group is giving away the whole country and do not even know it!
    The hell they don't!

    Clinton ignored illegal immigration. Bush actively encourages it. It's a huge difference.
    It's like hell vomited and the Bush administration appeared.

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    I'd agree, the White House and Congress are so far removed from what is really happening, they can't see the invasion through the immigration. If they do, they all have their heads in the sand and are too chicken to speak up. I know this doesn't apply to all of Congress, but this is to those who would play it safe (being politikally korrect) rather than speak out in favor of their constituants

    Big business will do anything--sell their mother if they could--to get cheaper labor instead of paying Americans a liveable wage, which they need in order to NOT LIVE LIKE A COCKROACH here in our own country. I say if you can't afford to pay a liveable wage to your own countrymen, your own patriots, then you shouldn't be in business. And if you want to take your business overseas to a sweat shop, then you should be banished from citizenship in this country. Patriots put their countrymen before anything--including money.

    If our president would tell China no more imports until they prove to the world that they pay their workers a competitive wage while observing human rights, we all would be in better shape. That message from him would be precident setting and serve as a bench mark for economies around the world. We would set the tone for international trade, not the WTO

    But our president is in contempt of his presidental oath and he is not a leader. He listens to big business and the WTO, who are truely the global commies. He allows big business to trade with a communist country. Why stop with China, mr. bush? Why not invite Fidel Castro into the ring? He's got plenty of cheap labor! Maybe your rich cronies will be very greatful!

    Our president is allowing the erosion of our standard of living, the standard that all of our past generations have strived for, to make better for the next generation. All of their efforts are going down the drain all because we have to find cheap enough labor to compete with a communist country using sweatshops and slavery. No viable democratic capitalism can compete with that.
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