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    Iraq Close Borders With Syria, Iran: "Pressure" ?

    By John W Lillpop

    Iraqi officials have apparently learned something about war that seems beyond the grasp of our simpleton President George W. Bush.

    Namely, Lt. Gen. Abboud Gambar, Iraqi commander of Baghdad security, announced that Iraq would close its borders with Syria and Iran.


    What a concept!

    Imagine that, actually taking action to keep enemies out during time of war. This could actually mean that Iraq is finally getting serious about defeating the insurgents, thereby bringing some civility to this hellhole.

    But what about a guest worker program, Lt. Gen.? Don't you know that by putting too much "pressure " on the border, you will only exacerbate the inflow of enemies into your nation?

    At least that is the theory of America's great intellect and war strategerist, George W. Bush.

    Of course, the "Bush Doctrine" has lead to America being inundated with 30 million peasants from the Third World, but remember, "Family Values do not stop at the border."

    And like the Third-World criminals who have invaded America, the Syrian and Iranian thugs headed to Iraq are probably "good hearted, hard working" insurgents when you get to know them.

    Here is more free, but invaluable, advise from the bully pulpit of George W. Bush:

    Rather than securing your borders, why not create a guest worker program for all insurgents now in Iraq, and establish a program that allows insurgents in-waiting from Syria and Iran to come as guest workers?

    Mind you, this is NOT amnesty! Never, ever, use the word amnesty when Bush double-talk will do.

    Complete the Bushwacking of Iraq by giving all insurgents free education, health care, housing, food, and a path to immediate citizenship.

    In short order, there will be more insurgents than Iraqi citizens in Iraq, but at least they will all be fed, educated, and healthy!


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    Thanks for the good laugh. The U.S. will providing Foreign Aid to Iraq of course for the next 100 years or so... The Folks should be just fine.

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