Jeff Sessions Urges Democrats to Denounce Violent Anti-Border Protests Against Donald Trump

25 May 2016

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions slammed the pro-illegal immigration violent demonstrators who threw rocks and bottles at cops during Donald Trump’s rally in New Mexico on Tuesday night.

“These are good American citizens who came to this rally that support Donald Trump. They’re not asking for anything that’s unreasonable. They’re not even asking for anything that’s radical,” Sessions said on Laura Ingraham’s radio program Wednesday.

“They’re simply saying: ‘Let’s end the lawlessness at our border. Let’s make sure people who apply [for visas] get evaluated as to whether or not they get in. And people who don’t wait in line don’t get to come in illegally.'”

“I just can’t imagine this kind of reaction, and I hope it will be condemned by President [Barack] Obama, Attorney General Lynch, and Hillary Clinton. They should condemn this,” he said. “People having a peaceful assembly exercising free speech on critically important issues for America, and we cannot allow this kind of violence to intimidate us from discussing important, national issues.”

Trump’s “fundamental message is correct,” Sessions said.

“We can’t acquiesce to massive illegality. The numbers at the border are surging again. They’ve already reached the levels that they reached 2014, when we had that dramatic surge, particularly of children. The numbers are surging again and it looks like it will exceed that this summer. The Border Patrol Officers Association head testified before my subcommittee last week that they catch about half the people attempting to enter the country illegally. But, eventually, 80 percent of those they apprehend are released in the country rather than being deported. That’s a dramatic evisceration of lawfulness.”

“That’s just amazing. And it’s directly the result of policies established by the leadership of Homeland Security, the president himself, and supported by Hillary Clinton,” Sessions continued.

“She’s even to the left now of Barack Obama on the immigration issue. It’s just unbelievable some of the positions she’s taken. The one she said last month was: No one should be deported unless they commit a violent felony. So if you can get them into the country unlawfully and don’t get caught… You’re here permanently, apparently, under her standards.”

While Congress could pick a fight with Obama to halt refugee resettlement in the United States, there’s a likelihood they would fail — making the presidential matchup between presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump versus Clinton more critical than ever.

“Congress could do more. It would be a battle because anything that’s offered up would be filibustered by the Democrats, and they may be able to block that, and Obama could veto the legislation,” Sessions said. “But I’d like to see us do more.”

“Obviously, if Congress is going to fail, this presidential election is decisive. You mention Syrian refugees — they’re now dramatically accelerating the numbers to try to meet 10,000 admissions this year from Syria, on which we cannot do background checks on. But just recently, Hillary Clinton has said I’d like to see the number go from 10,000 to 65,000, a six-and-a-half time increase in the number,” he warned. “I mean, she’s out of the ballpark here on reality in my opinion. It’s way further than Obama has gone at this point. This presidential election is really going to decide the matter. Because the president under the law has to tell Congress how many refugees, like the Syrian refugees, will be admitted, but he gets to decide the number unless we pass a law to change that.”

The ongoing Muslim migrant invasion of Europe is a preview of what awaits America should the next president dissolve the border and ramp up resettlement of Third World population in American neighborhoods, as Clinton has promised to do.

“Europe does give us insight into what uncontrolled immigration can amount to. We have one instance of a program to bring refugees over from Afghanistan… and that’s going to cost, over 10 years, over $450 million. Refugees are immediately able to access any government welfare program,” Sessions said.

“And they’re not paying taxes in the normal course of things. They just don’t make enough income to pay taxes. It’s a huge financial cost. It does create other legal problems. We do have crime problems. We have seen the history of people that come in from radicalized countries resorting to terrorism and becoming a danger to the United States, and returning to fight around the world.

“This is a huge issue and the American people are right to say: Let’s be careful about this. Let’s not go overboard with this. Let’s make sure we protect our people first,” Sessions said.