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Thread: Jessica Vaughn: Feds Should Prosecute Sanctuary City Officials

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    Jessica Vaughn: Feds Should Prosecute Sanctuary City Officials

    Jessica Vaughn: Feds Should Prosecute Sanctuary City Officials

    21 Feb 2018

    “There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy,” said Jessica Vaughn, advising the federal government to withhold certain funding from sanctuary city jurisdictions that shield criminal illegal aliens from justice. “Sanctuary policies,” she added, “are killing Americans.”

    Vaughn, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, joined Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour for a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

    The federal government should strip at least some federal funding from state and local governments with “sanctuary” policies, said Vaughn.
    She added:

    The other thing that [the federal government is] trying to do is to deny certain federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary jurisdictions, whether they’re cities, states, counties; they’re trying to make these grants off-limits for sanctuaries, which makes sense. Why should a jurisdiction get taxpayer money for law enforcement when they’re stiffing one of the biggest law enforcement agencies of the federal government. They shouldn’t. There needs to be some consequence for having a sanctuary policy. … Hopefully the federal government will be able to deny them some funding.

    The federal government should consider prosecuting state and local officials who implement and enforce “sanctuary policies” violative of federal law, said Vaughn. Victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens shielded by “sanctuary policies” should considering suing “sanctuary jurisdictions” for damages, she added.

    She also argued that Congress should “pass some laws that would facilitate imposing consequences” on “sanctuary” jurisdictions, as well as politicians and officials implementing them.

    “California has become the new Confederacy, now,” observed Mansour, as a Californian. “We’re just deciding that we’re not going to listen to the federal government. We’re essentially firing on Fort Sumpter, here.”

    “People are literally dying because of these policies,” said Vaughn of Americans killed — via murder or negligence — at the hands of illegal aliens shielded by “sanctuary” policies.

    The country should be “sanctuary for Americans,” she concluded.

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    Yes, they should prosecute them for conspiracy against the United States. Get FISA warrants, tap their phones, listen to their conversations with all their paypals in Mexico and China and Central America and the Middle East. These people are on the take with these hostile foreign nationals.
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    We have a city commissioner who has long been a member of what is identified as a conservative Christian group( not going to name it, think military style and Christmas bell ringers). Yet she will vote for nearly any liberal, kook brain idea, excepting the overly expensive ones. That's her one good point---not a spendthrift. But otherwise very multicultural---and the other local politicians know they can count on her to rubberstamp their multiculturalism, too.
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    Trump is getting rid of all these excessive regulation laws and rules to get business jump started and cut red tape.

    Same needs to happen with our immigration laws...many redundant. Many make no sense.

    All these Visa programs, Lottery Visa, Chain Migration, TPS, refugee programs, asylum liars coming here. Giving One Billion to Churches to bring MORE refugees here in another program. Gut them all.

    How many millions of people are we bringing here in all these "back door" programs! Whittle it down to nothing.

    If these people come here and do not want to be "separated" from their 50 family members...then DO NOT come here! You cannot bring the whole family tree.

    How come students from everywhere else in the World are required to apply for Student Visa but ILLEGAL ALIENS are not? No school, get them out. Another "loophole" law that needs to be terminated!!!

    How are these illegals on our welfare and food stamps? They are not documented to legally be here and should receive NO benefits. We have these laws on the books...start enforcing them.

    And go after the government employees who are awarding these benefits and fire them!

    Why are States issuing Driver's License to ILLEGAL ALIENS...this is outrages! People who should not be in our country, let alone driving on our roads. Trump needs to deem those Licenses NULL & VOID.


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