Democrats have not given up on their quest to pass total amnesty for illegal immigrants in the United States. I believe they ultimately will be successful, and thus we will see a quicker end to the Republican Party than is already inevitable. Republicans are fighting a vicious culture war, and because they are fighting so half-heartedly, their defeat will be well-deserved (but that’s a separate topic).

But if ever a case was made against amnesty, Vice President Joe Biden made it on Wednesday while engaging in an online town-hall meeting of sorts.
As reported at Talking Points Memo, “The forum was part of the White House’s effort to rescue immigration reform. An immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in the summer has languished in the House for the past several months, but Biden insisted that the legislation would ultimately become law.”

This is a good thing, Biden maintained. Why, without illegal immigration occurring in the 18th century, he said, America wouldn’t have been blessed with…him!
As he told the online forum, “My great-great grandparents came escaping the [Irish Potato] famine, and they didn’t all come here legally.”

So, according to our Vice President, he is the offspring of the offspring of the offspring of immigrants who sneaked into our country. Illegal immigration and amnesty gave us Joe Biden. If that doesn’t frighten you of the prospects of granting amnesty to children of illegal immigrants, I’m afraid not much else will.

But of course this was just another Biden Moment, another of the blessedly frequent occurrences in which Joe Biden says something very Joe Bideny, a compilation book of which moments someone, somewhere, ought right now to be penning.

You see, the Irish Potato Famine which Biden says his family illegally immigrated to America to escape occurred between 1845 and 1852. Back then, there was no such thing as illegal immigration, at least not in the US. The first legal restriction on immigration to America was the Page Act of 1875.

So the Vice President’s parents were not illegal immigrants, and the Vice President is still a total BS-er.
Or, possibly, his ancestors believed they were sneaking into this country all covertly when no sneaking was actually needed because, much like their descendant Joe, they were idiots.