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Thread: John Boehner Withdraws 2016 Support for Paul Ryan, Backs John Kasich Until First Vote

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    John Boehner Withdraws 2016 Support for Paul Ryan, Backs John Kasich Until First Vote

    16 Mar 2016

    Former House Speaker John Boehner has taken a step back from his promise on Wednesday morning to back House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) for the GOP’s 2016 nomination.

    “He has endorsed Governor John Kasich,” his spokesman, David Schnittger, told Breitbart News via email.

    “His off-the-cuff comments this morning [in Florida] were about a hypothetical scenario in which none of the current candidates are able to secure the nomination at the convention,” said Schnittger, a “senior policy advisor” at the D.C. lobbying firm, Squire Patton Boggs.

    Establishment GOP leaders are hoping to defeat Donald Trump’s drive for the nomination, and hope to vote through an establishment-friendly replacement, such as Kasich or Ryan — if Trump is not backed by a majority of the delegates on the first ballot at the July convention in Cleveland

    On Tuesday, Kasich won his home-state primary in Ohio, giving him a platform to run for the nomination.

    On Wednesday morning, at an event in Florida, Boehner declared his support for Ryan. “If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I’m for none of the above,” Boehner said. “They all had a chance to win. None of them won. So I’m for none of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”

    But Boehner’s support for Kasich may be only a half-step back, because Gov. John Kasich shares the same cheap-labor, high-profits economic policy pushed by Ryan.

    In July, for example, Kasich told Fox News that the economy needs “a guest worker program so people can come in, work, and then leave. Our program is too narrow now.”

    Guest-workers are foreign workers who are hired instead of Americans, for example, when Americans ask for higher wages. The country imports roughly 700,000 extra guest-workers per year, creating a year-round resident population of roughly 1.5 million lower-wage guest-workers.

    The country also accept one million legal immigrants each year and does very little to repatriate any of the few hundred thousand illegal immigrants who arrive each year to join the resident population of roughly 14 million illegals.

    All told, the federal government accepts roughly two million new foreign workers each year, even as four million young Americans enter the workforce.

    For more information about Kasich’s eagerness to replace Americans and their children with immigrants and guest-workers, read this Breitbart article.

    Ryan supports the same cheap-labor policies as Kasich. For example, he favors an “any willing worker” plan that would allow companies to import foreign workers when Americans demand higher wages, and he favors President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would allow U.S. companies to export jobs held by U.S. employees and also to import an unlimited number of foreign workers for service jobs in the United States.

    In December 2015, Ryan even inserted a new rule in the 2016 budget allowing companies to import roughly 200,000 extra guest-workers per year, even as GOP voters were showing their strong opposition to the use of foreign workers inside the United States. He has reiterated his die-hard opposition to any curbs on immigration and guest-workers this year.

    Many establishment Republicans see Ryan as a substitute for outgoing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), was was shoved out of the GOP primaries March 15 after he supported the Democrats’ “comprehensive immigration reform, Gang of Eight” plan in 2013.

    Boehner’s Wednesday support for Ryan came the morning after Ryan hinted he would want the nomination. “You know, I haven’t given any thought to this stuff,” Ryan told CNBC Tuesday. “People say, ‘What about the contested convention?’ I say, well, there are a lot of people running for president. We’ll see. Who knows.”

    However, a poll released Tuesday by YouGov showed that only one-in-eight GOP supporters want the GOP establishment to oppose Trump if he wins the nomination.

    Also, Boehner’s pro-Kasich and pro-Ryan statements may be misleading, if only because he seems to oppose the cheap-labor policies pushed by Kasich and Ryan.

    In 2014, for example, Boehner blocked the huge immigration-expansion bill developed by Sen. Marco Rubio, despite huge pressure from business groups, Democrats’ diversity groups, and President Barack Obama.

    Without Boehner’s resistance and delaying tactics, Ryan might have successfully pushed his own secret cheap-labor and amnesty bill through the House in 2014.

    But Ryan’s scheme was foiled at the last minute when GOP primary voters defeated the GOP’s Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, in his June 2014 primary election.

    Passage of Ryan’s amnesty and cheap-labor bill would have put the Democrats on a very fast-track to complete control of the White House, Congress, and the courts for several decades.
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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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    I am hearing Condoleeza Rice's name....anyone else hear that?

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    Kasich and Cruz both support free trade treason agreements and both support some type of legalization for illegal aliens whether they say so outright or speak in code. Their votes prove it, their rhetoric and sworn statements at Senate and Congressional hearings prove it. So all these establishment types trying to stop Trump and end his campaign are just the ones who have always been behind these policies of free trade treason and open borders/massive immigration that have destroyed our country, put millions and millions of Americans either out of work completely or as part of the working poor using welfare to subsidize inadequate incomes and still barely able to survive while illegal aliens and immigrants sign up for welfare and steal our jobs.

    So everyone who is against Trump is really against American Citizens. And, Boehner is just one of them. Boehner had the opportunity to invite an American Worker to speak before Congress and explain to members what they are doing to the United States with their laws and policies, but instead he invited a foreign theocrat to promote open borders and massive immigration.

    This election is the greatest test of the will and spirit of the American People. Either we do the right thing and elect Trump who will do everything possible to stop this madness or we elect someone else who drives the nails in our coffins. There has never been a more clearly drawn line in the sand in my lifetime. Trump is the first candidate since I've been old enough to vote who is right on both issues of trade and immigration as well as fiscal management and responsibility. He's also the only one with the skills and ability to do anything about it.

    And of course the opposition will throw the phony race cards. We know all about that as members of ALIPAC because that's what these pro-immigrant groups would try to do to us simply because we want to stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration because we can't afford the consequences of either one. Of course they'll try to paint Trump as a racist, bigot, misogynist, xenophobe and all their other grotesque erroneous name-calling they've used to advance these horrible free trade treason and open border agendas, to make people afraid to speak up against these disastrous policies.

    So it's a tough year ahead with so much at stake and I feel for American Voters trying to sort out the truth from the fiction. The truth is, we probably haven't had a candidate as truly non-racist, non-bigoted, non-misogynistic or non-xenophobic in our history as Donald Trump. Donald Trump is also the first billionaire to run for high office who is a non-elitist. Donald Trump is the person who would rather talk with and spend time with construction workers and cab drivers and boxers and athletes than writers for the National Review or most certainly people like John Boehner.

    I hope those of us who support Donald Trump can help him garner all the support he needs from other Americans who want to save our country so he can not only win the Republican nomination but go on to become President of the United States and defeat, once and for all, the despicable reptiles and pond scum who have destroyed our country and ruined tens of millions of American lives for no valid reason whatsoever.
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    This absolutely proves that Kasich is in to be a spoiler.
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    Oh absolutely. Can you imagine having to see and hear him talk about the country for 4 years? He's such a weenie. I remember his television show, he never made any sense then, and he still doesn't. People also need to realize that when Kasich wants to claim credit for "balancing the federal budget", it wasn't his budget, it was Bill Clinton's budget, so he's a gonner in the national election because he has no ride of his own. He rode with Clinton on his budget, which Clinton came up with, not Congress, and he rode with Clinton and Bush I on voting for NAFTA, the beginning of a trail of free trade treason that has truly bankrupted the United States.

    In General Election:

    Kasich: "I balanced the federal budget.".

    Hillary: "Oh you mean, the balanced federal budget my husband submitted to Congress?" "Do tell us, what did you do the other 18 years you were in Congress?"

    Kasich: "Yuck, Yuck, yeah that one." "Uh well, I also voted for NAFTA".

    Kasich is pobably a nice person, but what do we really know about him at this point, but he is not someone who balanced the federal budget, Bill Clinton did that, and he hasn't created a job in his state that he didn't have to buy with taxpayer money in incentives, so his "formula" is not one that will do anything to fix the problems on the federal level. His support for free trade treason deals and open borders is all any Republican, Democrat or American needs to know to know that he is not the answer to our problems. And he's not even honest, because he's trying to base a Presidential campaign on his role in helping pass a Bill Clinton Federal Budget. What we need is a President who knows how to come up with a balanced budget like Trump and then push it through Congress. So someone on the Congressional Budget Committee who says "oh that's a great budget, wow, I'm going to support that" isn't qualified to be President, they were just qualified to vote on a good budget presented by a President who knew how to come up with a balanced budget.

    Bill Clinton was an enigma. I used to call him the best Republican the Democrats ever put in the White House, so running a Kasich against a Clinton is something only very naive people would want to do, because Bill Clinton knows more about John Kasich than John Kasich knows about himself.

    And anyone thinking well, maybe Kasich for VP -- no way. You can't trust any of these candidates as VP. They're all wrong on the issues, they're all jealous and envious of Trump, no, no, no.
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