Judge Jeanine Goes Off on Obama Over Syria

Posted on September 7, 2013 by BMartin1776

Another great opening statement from Judge Jeanine calling out the liar in chief over his false narratives to push the attack on Syria. There has been a lot of talk about credibility being at risk. The US’ respect and credibility has been destroyed by this regime, I highly doubt taking action or not in Syria will matter to our enemies. If they feared us we wouldn’t be having this debate right now!

The Judge sums up the concern many of us have in which the DC warmongers aren’t even acknowledging:

“..right now Russian and American destroyers and an untold number of submarines are lining up off the Syrian coast. Iranian fast boats are already in the Persian Gulf where other American warships are positioned. And since we’ve given them fair warning Mr. President because of your latest indecision and dithering our enemies in the Middle East have been moving assets and preparing to retaliate. It’s teed up! Once we start the bombing the Syrians will call on their allies, Iran and Russia.”

This guy is going to start a fight he won’t be able to finish getting a lot of people killed.

We have been lied to so much by this regime there is no way his majesty will ever get any support from the people. He is setting up Congress to take the blame for anything that goes wrong.

Obama doesn’t care about our troops or following through on anything. It’s almost one year since the Benghazi attack and we still don’t have answer after his promises to get answers. Those same promises are being made that boots won’t be on the ground in Syria, we have and never will have reason to believe him now?

There is no exit strategy no support for the emperor and the Judge took one final blow telling the emperor on his Nobel Peace Prize to “GIVE IT BACK!”

(Personal side note NO I don’t like the Judges new look! She looked better with long hair…)