Judicial Watch: 'The president is out of control'

Barack Obama has consistently overstepped his authority and the Constitutional limits on his power. iPhoto by Pool/Getty Images

Anthony Martin
Conservative Examiner
December 6, 2013

Judicial Watch (JW), the educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability, and integrity in government, politics, and the law, has concluded that "the president is out of control."
That assessment was issued today in the weekly update provided by JW President Tom Fitton.
According to Fitton, JW has spent years investigating the various scandals revolving around Obama and his administration and seeking to bring accountability to government by making sure that those who break the law or consider themselves above the law are forced to suffer the legal consequences of their actions.
Among its recent actions toward that end, JW has sued the Obama Health and Human Services (HHS) in order to secure the release of the records from the early days of the Obamacare rollout. The Obama administration has kept enrollment records a carefully guarded secret, and the few instances that the government estimated the numbers turned out to be grossly overstated.
Thus, JW took HHS to court in order to get the numbers from the first few weeks of Obamacare's online enrollment process, which even Democrats admit was an unmitigated disaster.
Initially JW sought a simple Freedom of Information Act disclosure of the figures. But HHS did not cooperate in spite of the law that states it must provide certain information to news organizations and the public. It was then that JW took HHS to court in order to force the issue.
JW believes that the Obama administration and Kathleen Sibelius of HHS have been lying to the public about the number of enrollees. Disclosure of the actual records will either prove or disprove that claim.
In another key legal maneuver JW filed a brief in support of a challenge to Obama's recess appointments. The Constitution allows a president to do such a thing in certain circumstances. But the problem is that when Obama did so, Congress was not in recess. The matter is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Yet another point of contention is Obama's consistent tendency to overstep his Constitutional bounds, running afoul of the principle of separation of powers. This amounts to illegal actions on the part of Obama and the executive branch.
This issue led to significant movement this week in the Congress:
As we have been pointing out for years, President Obama has egregiously overstepped his constitutional authority on too many occasions to count. He either thinks that constitutional limits on his authority are of no consequence or, in the case of making new laws through fiat, Obama thinks he is a “one-man Congress.”
How bad is it? Even former liberal Vermont Governor and DNC Chairman Howard Dean, recently wondered aloud whether or not the president had stepped out of bounds with his decision to rewrite Obamacare! (He was right. But Obamacare is just the very tip of a very large iceberg.)
As you might expect, many members of Congress have had enough. And that’s why the House of Representatives held a critical hearing on Obama lawlessness this week, entitled “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws.”
Two key examples of Obama's lawlessness are his refusal to enforce the law regarding illegal aliens and his practice of rewriting laws. The laws of the United States are clear concerning the legal process for entering the country, applying for citizenship, and the circumstances requiring deportation. But Obama has chosen to ignore the law of the land. Again, this amounts to illegal acts on the part of the administration and Obama himself. The other key issue is Obama's taking it upon himself to rewrite laws -- an egregious violation of separation of powers. The Constitution clearly states that only the legislative branch -- the Congress -- can write law. The president has no such authority.
But Obama has been busy rewriting a law passed by Congress in 2009 -- the Obamacare law. This is illegal, and no one, not even presidents, are granted the authority to live above the law.

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