Justin Trudeau Offers Birthright Citizenship for Indian Migrants’ Children

by NEIL MUNRO 29 May 2024

Canadians’ wages, wealth, and productivity are falling amid a massive inflow of poor migrants, yet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to expand citizenship to the foreign-born children of the migrants who take low-wage jobs from Canadians.

“That’s bonkers,” responded Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“There are tens of millions of people around the world who would do [the Canadian jobs] for room and board — who would do it for free and hustle a little extra money on the side to pay for food! — if the consequence was that their kids would all be able to be Canadian citizens,” he told Breitbart News.

“I’m not even sure we have a language to describe this kind of thing …. This is a step in that direction where you would have Canadian [citizens] who have nothing to do with Canada,” he added.

The announcement is just one of several pre-election giveaways Trudeau’s government is offering to subgroups with Canada’s chaotic diversity of Canadians, immigrants, migrant workers, and supposed foreign students.

For example, the immigration minister also announced that Canada would offer citizenship to
5,000 families in Gaza that have members who are Canadians. That decision could enable a huge inflow of Arabs unless the Canadian government uses genetic tests to verify family connections.

Trudeau’s government is already scheduled to import another 1 million permanent or supposedly temporary migrants in 2024, who are mostly Indian. Canada’s population consists of 32 million native Canadians and 8 million immigrants. Trudeau’s goal is likely a Canadian population of 100 million, as sought by the investors who created the
Century Initiative.

Trudeau’s planned 2024 inflow is lower than he planned in 2023 but is more than twice the migration rate pushed into the United States by President Joe Biden.

The huge inflow is wrecking Canadians’
economic stability by forcing down wages and pushing up housing costs.

“2024’s first quarter likely saw Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita shrink for the seventh consecutive quarter, meaning total national GDP is not coping with a rapidly growing population,” MPAMag
reported Monday.

“When low-wage employers use [foreign] guest workers, it suppresses wages in that workplace and across entire sectors,” Gil McGowan, the president of the Alberta Federation of Labour
told Human Resources Director, a website for Canadian personnel managers.

Low-wage employers have become addicted to Canada’s guest work programs, and the federal government has been feeding that addiction … Often wages are so low that Canadians or landed immigrants won’t accept the jobs, which fuels calls from employers for more guest workers. It’s a vicious cycle.

Ending the low-wage stream of the [foreign workers] will be good for Canadian workers. But that’s not all: even though they won’t admit it now, it will also be good for employers because it will force them to do things that are in their long-term best interests – like making investments to improve their productivity and paying wages that will reduce employee turnover.
The migration is also spiking housing costs, even as politicians and the establishment media try to blame a shortage of housing.

“Rents increased [at a rate of] 9.3% annually in April, accelerating from an 8.8% annual growth rate in March,” Rentals
reported. “Asking rents for all residential property types in Canada remained near a record high in April, averaging $2,188 per month,” the report said.

The housing costs are forcing young Canadians to live with their parents, and forcing older Canadians back to work and into shared living. “Here I am, at 71, looking for housing in a
0.6 per cent rental vacancy market,” Paula Hudson-Lunn, who lives in Nelson, B.C., wrote in October 2023. “Nelson is a highly desirable tourist town where real estate values have soared and long-term rentals have disappeared into more lucrative Airbnb-type vacation rentals … I may have to find full-time work in what should be my retirement years,” Hudson-Lunn said

The national transformation is also pushing up
crime, cutting Canadians’ ability to set up their own homes and have children, and pushing Canadian teenagers out of jobs.

Trudeau’s inflow is also
bringing foreign wars onto Canada’s streets:

Oli London

Alarming scene in Montreal as man stands on top of a monument waving a Palestinian flag and hanging a cardboard cutout of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in prison uniform with a rope.

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7:29 PM · May 27, 2024

Many of the imported workers are on short-stay visas and are now holding street protests to win permanent residence.

Harrison Faulkner

The PEI protesters have now built an encampment outside the provincial government buildings in Charlottetown and are once again asking for support in Punjabi.

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1:18 PM · May 28, 2024

Meanwhile, Trudeau’s vast inflow of low-skill workers and renters is also forcing down average productivity, or the average amount of wealth produced per hour by each worker. The reduction happens because investors profit more by exploiting the disposable and cheap migrant labor than by investing in skilled professionals, automation, and innovation.

In an article headlined “Canada’s ‘super strong’ immigration boom could boost these … stocks,” Yahoo Finance
described stocks likely to gain from low-wage migration, such as the low-price Dollarama retail chain:

On Dollarama’s (
DOL.TO) latest quarterly conference call, CEO Neil Rossy called Canada’s growing population a “driver in the future.” The Montreal-based company sells a wide assortment of discount household essentials like knives, forks, pots and pans through more than 1,500 stores across Canada. BMO Capital Markets estimates nearly a third of Dollarama’s 2025 same-store sales growth will come from “elevated levels of immigration into Canada.”

“The severity of the decline in living standards should be a wake-up call for policymakers across Canada to immediately enact fundamental policy reforms to help spur economic growth and productivity,” economist Jason Clemens
told the National Post on May 16.

Overall, Trudeau’s policy of
Extraction Migration is aiding investors, impoverishing Canadians, and replacing Canadians’ never-conceived children and government-enabled suicides with Indian and Chinese migrants.

Canada’s conservative party is not fighting Trudeau’s migration. Instead, conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is promising to have Canadians build more houses for the migrants. In contrast, Maxime Bernier, the leader of the very small Peoples Party of Canada, has steadily opposed the nation-changing policy:

Maxime Bernier

This guy is a wannabe federal tyrant who wants to blackmail municipalities into building apartment blocks to house the millions of immigrants he plans to bring in, which is exactly the same program as Trudeau.

Pierre Poilievre

Under a common sense Conservative plan to build the homes, municipalities who: Build the homes get the money. Build more homes get more money. Build fewer homes pay a fine.

8:15 PM · May 27, 2024

But Trudeau must call an election by October 2025 as polls move towards Piolievre. “The outlook for the once popular prime minister is so grim that some old guard Liberals have been grumbling that maybe he should just step down and give someone else a shot,” Politico reported on May 27. Meanwhile, Trudeau is lashing out at what he describes as “easy populism, anger and division that is so running rampant in every society around the world.”

The citizenship giveaway was made on May 23 by Trudeau’s immigration minister. It would allow foreigners with a “substantial” tie — such as three years’ low-wage work — to Canada to win citizenship for their kids, even if the children were born years later while the father had returned to his home country.

The giveaway needs the approval of Canada’s parliament, but the main conservative party is ducking the issue. The party relies on business donations, and its platform downplays the pocketbook and economic impact of Trudeau’s migration.

The draft legislation would apply retroactively, ensuring many children overseas would suddenly gain citizenship because a parent had once worked or studied in Canada. “These changes aim to be inclusive and protect the value of Canadian citizenship, as we are committed to making the citizenship process as fair and transparent as possible,” Miller
said in a government statement.

The bill would also grant citizenship to the foreign-born children of current immigrants into Canada. The law applied to the so-called “Lost Canadians” born since the migration law was reformed in 2009 by Canada’s conservative government. One site suggested that at least
200,000 foreigners could gain citizenship via the “Lost Canadians.”

Immigrant lobbyists are also demanding an
amnesty for illegal migrants in Canada, whose number may reach 500,000.

Trudeau’s migration policies are cutting the normal connection between legal citizenship and membership in a nation, said Krikorian. That policy, he added “is nation-breaking because it decouples Canadian citizenship from Canada, into something that anybody in the world could happen.”

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