Kamala Harris Wants to Subsidize Third World Countries

Published 5 hours ago on Apr 9, 2019
By Jose Nino

California Senator Kamala Harris wants to continue subsidizing Third World countries in Central America.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hayes, the 2020 presidential hopeful believes that American foreign aid to Central America should be restored.
According to Harris, this restoration of foreign aid would supposedly solve the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.
Harris’s statements came in response to the State Department’s decision to cut off aid to countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for failing to keep migrants from traveling up north.
Harris believes the solution to the migration crisis is multi-pronged:
Well, it’s a multi-pronged approach that’s required.It is both about reinstituting that aid so we can deal with the long-term effects of the crisis and hopefully mitigate or reduce them. And, which is the reason that people are fleeing these countries. Through aid, we can potentially reduce the reason that they have to flee.
However, immigration reform advocates like Steve Hecht, the editor of the Impunity Observer, believe this form of aid actually incentivizes illegal immigration.
In a piece for The Epoch Times, Hecht claims “A little-known fact about foreign aid stops it from serving U.S. interests. Distributed through the State Department and USAID, taxpayer funds mostly go to enemies of American ideals and the rule of law.”
Foreign aid going to Central America is part of a larger scheme devised by globalist oligarchs like George Soros to destabilize the region and put pressure on Central Americans to migrate northward.

Hecht added, “Judicial Watch reports that the Soros groups seek “to destabilize legitimate governments, erase national borders … and orchestrate refugee crises for political gain … Guatemala, in particular, has been subjected to an aggressive, insidious campaign of subversion … that threatens the sovereignty … [of an] ally of the United States.”
This decision to cut off foreign aid to Central America, as well as recent news of Trump securing $1 billion in wall funding, are positive developments for supporters of border security.
However, Harris is clearly towing the Democratic party line of open borders.
BLP recently exposed how Harris’s 2020 rival Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is advocating for blanket amnesty, which shows how the modern-day Democratic Party has become pro-mass migration across the board.
Foreign aid in conduction with amnesty has the potential of creating a massive migration magnet that could fundamentally alter the socio-economic character of the United States, just like mass migration is currently doing in Europe.

So it’s no surprise why 65 percent of GOP voters place immigration as their #1 issue during the 2020 Presidential elections.
2020 is poised to be another referendum on American immigration policy.