Kari Lake: Katie Hobbs stole elections to protect cartels trafficking drugs, humans across border

Wednesday, January 04, 2023 by: Belle Carter
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(Natural News) Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake blasted her Democratic rival and former Secretary of State Katie Hobbs for rigging the November 2022 elections. She argued that Hobbs wanted to protect cartels smuggling drugs and humans across the border.
Lake, a former news anchor, revealed her rival’s plans during her recent appearance at Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. She told the former White House chief strategist that Hobbs moved to ensure a Democratic win at the gubernatorial race. This, she added, enables the open borders system where cartels can continue to push drugs and traffic people into the United States.
“It is absolutely appalling and this state is going to go to hell in a handbasket if Katie Hobbs is allowed to take control,” Lake pointed out.
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected Lake’s lawsuit on Dec. 27 that sought to overturn the results of the county’s elections for governor. The magistrate argued that the GOP candidate failed to prove there was “intentional misconduct” that cost her the race. (Related: Kari Lake prepares for legal battle after unexpected gubernatorial “loss” in Arizona following long count, widespread voting irregularities.)
Lake later appealed, asking the state’s Court of Appeals on the same day to reconsider all 10 counts she originally cited in her lawsuit. She also challenged the decision ordering her to pay $33,000 in fees to Hobbs’ legal team.
Describing the decision as “comical,” Lake commented: “They’re trying to sanction me to pay for their lawyers.”
Moreover, the former news anchor said Thompson only gave her and her team two days to prove their case even though they presented a thousand documents for the judge to go over.
“He told us he was going to look through those before he made his ruling. We have so much evidence in this case, but we only had five hours to make our case – which is very unfortunate for the people of Arizona.”
Lake also emphasized how Hobbs had absolutely no respect for the law by not recusing herself from the elections. The Arizona state secretary did not campaign or attend debates. “She hid from people in her basement because she knew she could rig the election and walk into the office,” Lake said.
Lake: Lifting Title 42 has disastrous consequences

Elsewhere in the show, Bannon and Lake touched on how the Biden administration is planning to lift Title 42 – put in place by the previous administration. The policy allows authorities to restrict the entry of people who are deemed concerns to public health.
Bannon explained that under Title 42, border officials denying entry to illegals is considered an expulsion. He added that it differs from deportation that is based on immigration law, as the Title 42 expulsion is based on public health concerns.
Given this, Lake warned that the floodgates are going to open up once Title 42 is lifted.
“We know how bad it is here, because we’re suffering under Joe Biden’s policies and a lack of leadership here in Arizona to take control of the border,” she said. “Wait until we see the new numbers on fentanyl overdoses which are taking out a generation of young people. And we’re [going to] watch crimes go through the roof.”
Fortunately, on Dec. 28, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered Title 42 to remain in effect. The high court essentially granted a request by GOP state officials, who argued that lifting the policy would have produced an unmanageable surge of illegal aliens.
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Watch the full conversation between Steve Bannon and Kari Lake on “Bannon’s War Room” below.

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