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    Keep illegals out of college ... path=!news

    GOP policy aims to keep illegals out of colleges

    By Brian McNeill / | 978-7266
    September 2, 2007


    A GOP proposal to ban illegal immigrants from public colleges and universities in Virginia would halt the education of a handful of Charlottesville-area community college students.
    At a news conference last week in Richmond, Republican leaders of the General Assembly announced a package of legislative proposals aimed at curbing illegal immigration.

    Among the measures is a bill to disallow undocumented immigrants from pursuing a higher education in Virginia. Such a move, they said, would ensure that Virginia residents do not lose out on college admission slots to illegal aliens.

    “Honest, law-biding Virginia taxpayers have had enough,â€

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    Of course I support denying access to our colleges to illegal aliens and will let my officials know. we need to nip this problem in the bud now while there is only the very few taking up space that belongs to American students BEFORE it becomes a bigger problem later with more illegal students involved.

    Head 'em up,move 'em out Rawhide!

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    It's already such a huge problem with the Hb1 visas, though. So many of these students are at our colleges. Yes, many of them are very intelligent and I believe they are wise to come here for an education, but very often they take slots in special programs directly from Americans. The program I went through was very selective - we had several on visas from India, Russia, and other places. I could not help but wonder which Americans were denied entrance to this program to make room for those with the VISAS.

    And not in all instances, were these VISA holders the absolute best students either.

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    It sounds like a good law. I'm sick of legal people being denied schooling cause illegals are taking up all the room in the classes.
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