Tuesday, August 23, 2016 08:47 AM
By: Sandy Fitzgerald

GOP nominee Donald Trump is still saying the same things about immigration that he's said all along, and that's to enforce the nation's laws, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday.

"If you enforce the law, a lot of good things start happening with respect to deporting people who have committed crimes, and deporting workers," Conway told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" program of Trump's stance.

Many American workers feel like they are competing with illegal immigrants, whether from "China or from somewhere else," Conway continued, and she believes the conversation Trump would like to have is one "that talks about fairness to everyone."

Trump was to unveil his immigration policy this week, but an event was canceled in Colorado. Conway said that was because the schedule was "inherited," but immigration is a complex issue, and Trump has been under discussions on the issue.

"He obviously had some very strong feelings and policy [ideas] with regards to immigration and he's speaking to people on how to execute those ideas," Conway said Tuesday.

Trump will attend a fundraiser in Aspen on Thursday, reports The Denver Post, but will not make a speech on immigration, quoting his Colorado campaign spokeswoman Lydia Blaha.

Meanwhile, there are few issues in which Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is to the left of President Barack Obama, said Conway, but immigration is one of them.

"In some estimates she would allow millions and millions of new immigrants in over the next few years, and she's shown a liking to the executive order approach to amnesty," said Conway. "She's broadcasting now she has no interest in working with Congress on such an important issue."

Conway also discussed the latest news about Clinton's email server and revelations about access being allowed for donors to the Clinton Foundation. Monday night, during a speech in Akron, Ohio, Trump called for an independent investigation into Clinton's "criminality."

"Even for those who have moved on from the email server, it's important for people to realize this is exactly what he's talking about, a system that benefits the insiders and it's rigged and corrupt," said Conway. "What are the people at the State Department doing? Doing all the special favors?"

There has been a spin put on the issue from the left, saying that Clinton did not grant favors, but just access, but "access is the biggest favor you can possibly have in Washington," Conway said.

"If you're the State Department, you should be busy getting women and young girls rights and respect and health care and dignity, not worrying about the prince of Bahrain."