Kerry Clears 4 Obama Scapegoats

august 20, 2013 by steven ahle

Some of you may remember an article I wrote a while back that the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer, Obama appointed as the investigator of the Benghazi scandal, Thomas Pickering, fingered 4 low level employees who had nothing whatsoever to do with embassy security as the scapegoats the ones responsible for the attack. They werenít even put on administrative leave, because that would trigger an appeal and require that witnesses and Pickering testify.

All four are being returned to the state department but will be reassigned. They served their purpose of making it appear that Obama actually did something about the Benghazi attack. The ones who were responsible for Benghaziís security were all promoted right after the attack. Thatís probably why they have remained silent.

The four were told to clean out their desks and leave, via orders from Hillaryís consigliere, Cheryl Mills, and ordered to not come back. Obama feels he has been covered sufficiently and now as the epitome of magnomosity (poetic license) that he is, will let them return to work.

When they investigated themselves, Obama and crew were amazed to find out they were completely innocent of all charges. John Kerry confirmed they were innocent as the driven snow also. Now the secondary victims of Obamaís abuse and neglect will return to work like nothing happened. And indeed it didnít with them. And once again the guilty walk away with promotions. Welcome to the wonderful world of Obama.