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    L.A. City Council votes to make August “Immigrant Pride m

    Los Angeles City Council votes to make August “Immigrant Pride Monthâ€

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    Anti-"immigrant" legislation? sb1070 is an anti-"immigrant" law? I am not familiar with these things. Is anyone else?

    Pro-"immigrant" activists? I think they meant pro-illegal alien activists, ddn't they? Just a slip of the tongue? I don't think so.

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    Los Angeles City Council votes to make August “Immigrant P

    All council members present decided the city’s 1.6 million immigrants that make up 40 percent of the population deserved to be recognized.

    Are you serious criminal deserved to be recognized.
    rewarded them that break our laws, refuse to respect our laws and you want to give them recognition..Wake up America please California please wake the hell -up this is what you call good is evil and evil is good please come out of this hypnosis evil deception delusion its time to clear house in 2012

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