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    Late nite fax-a-thon

    I haven't been able to "blitz" or call my senators this week. So I finally have time to fax this evening - faxes work best for me because I have a very high pitched voice (ala teletubbies). The following fax was sent to the these senators, all up for re-election. Senators Hutchinson, Cornyn, Domenici, Smith, Craig, Coleman, Alexander, and Cochran.

    Feel free to copy and send for yourself. I was not able to get through to Senators Warner and McConnell, they must have ran out of paper or disconnected their faxes to protect them from all the reality streaming in. BTW - Senator Cochran doesn't have his fax# on his website so just google Senator Cochran Fax and you will get it. NO ONE ESCAPES GOOGLE. heh heh heeeee

    I greatly appreciate the efforts of the hard core alipackers and hope this might be a motivation for any newcomers still unsure of taking action . Good luck.

    Dear Senator_________________:

    I know that President Bush has been courting you for another chance on S. 1348. I am just an average, tax paying citizen but I think I have five very common sense reasons NOT to buy into this bill and/or change your vote.

    5. The sheer numbers.
    How will the government possibly expedite an orderly and monitored “earned citizenshipâ€
    The John McCain Call Center

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    I LOVE your fax, especially the car analogy-perfect! Thanks for sharing it.
    I am AMAZED the people in Mass. keep electing this nut! HOW? WHY? I have had an extremely difficult time getting through to Sen. Warner too I don't know whats up with that.

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