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Thread: 'Latinas for Trump' Founder: Anti-Trump People Have Been Fed 'Load of Bull'

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    'Latinas for Trump' Founder: Anti-Trump People Have Been Fed 'Load of Bull'

    ‘Latinas for Trump’ Founder: Anti-Trump People Have Been Fed ‘Load of Bull’

    November 14, 2016

    Nadelle Azarian

    “Latinas for Trump” co-founder Denise Galvez said people who are against President-elect Donald Trump “have been fed a load of bull” by the mainstream media and that “they need to re-examine their thoughts of” him.

    Speaking with National Public Radio host Michel Martin on the show All Things Considered on Saturday, Galvez urged people to “go beyond those 30-second soundbites that, you know, that MSNBC repeated over and over again.”

    Galvez’s comments came in response to Martin’s question about what her response is to “people who say they feel threatened by [Trump] and demeaned by [Trump],” particularly members of the Latino population.

    Galvez had previously mentioned to Martin that she has personal friends who have told her their families are completely divided over the election and are left wondering how their are going to make it through the holiday season because some of their relatives supported Trump.

    Martin, pressing further, asked Galvez what she thinks “will make it better.” Gavlez said:

    “Time. I think that number one, him delivering on his promises and actually improving the economy and, you know, for things to start happening, you know that are positive changes. Once that starts happening, I think people will definitely change their opinion of him. But I think that will only happen with time… So come January, you know, in the first 100 days like they talk about so much, if he starts to, number one, eliminate and repeal all those executive orders that Obama put in place, I think that you know, people will start seeing that is a man of action. You know, I think people question whether he’s just all talk. I don’t.”

    Trump received more Latino votes than former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who lost to President Obama in 2012.

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    Thank you!!! CNN is still on the beat Trump down game all day today, working feverishly on their phony race card. It is totally disgusting.
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