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    LEAKED: Inside The Clinton Camp’s Plan To Discredit Trey Gowdy Photo of Robert Donac

    LEAKED: Inside The Clinton Camp’s Plan To Discredit Trey Gowdy

    Finance Reporter
    11:14 AM 10/13/2016

    Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wanted her campaign chairman John Podesta to publicly discredit Rep. Trey Gowdy before he went on national television to discuss her deleted e-mails, according to an e-mail leaked Thursday through WikiLeaks.

    Jennifer Palmieri, director of communications for the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, wrote an e-mail to staff where she says, “HRC asked me what offense we could do today to set up Gowdy for Face The Nation tomorrow.”

    Palmieri tells the staff that she thinks the “best option would be a statement from Podesta doing some offense on how this latest obsession on Sid emails is absurd, further evidence this is partisan effort.”

    “HRC was hoping for a video,” she writes.

    She thinks it is not possible on such a short notice, but that a video featuring Podesta would be incredibly helpful, “when we have more email news to face that could put all this in context.”

    In the meantime, Nick is drafting a statement that we will share with all of you. So be on the lookout for that,” she concludes.

    Read more:

    Read more:

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    I'm telling you, any Republican who doesn't get on the TRUMP TRAIN by 7 am tomorrow and start CHOO CHOOing their hearts out should be doomed politically for the rest of their lives. For any Republican, sore losers and all, who wants a government run by this pond slime disgusts me more than the slime itself.

    You no good low down turncoats, you get off your asses, you start jumping your jaws for Trump and sending in your money, YES YOUR MONEY, to Donald J Trump for President, or I swear, you'll go down as some of the most hated and despised people in American History.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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