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    Letter to my Republican Senator about DREAM at NumbersUSA

    Don't forget to rewrite the body of the NumbersUSA faxes. I've read many reports that they are ignored by Senators if they are templates.

    Senator Gordon Smith
    SR-404, United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    Dear Senator Smith,

    Your unwillingness to publicly oppose the DREAM Act amendment (SA 2919) to the DoD authorization bill indicates to me that you are reserving to trade your "YES" vote for something on another issue. Please don't play politics with amnesty.

    Once again the American people have spoken. One Senator last week reported several thousand calls to his office in just a few days with 85% of those call saying "NO" to DREAM Act.

    Why is it the Senate will ignore the wishes of the majority of legal Americans? We said clearly in May and June, we want no amnesty and we thought you heard that. Apparently you did not hear. We also said we want our borders secured. Apparently you didn't hear that either.

    It's obvious to all of us that this series of amnesty acts are just a backhanded attempt to pass the comprehensive amnesty defeated just a few short months ago. Senator Durbin and the other sellouts can rewrite their bills all they want, we see them for what they are. They are amnesty and we say NO!

    Secure our borders and enforce our existing laws.

    Sorely disappointed,

    Mr. JECG_97030

    P.S. Written in memory of Dani Countryman who at 15 was brutally raped and murdered by two criminal illegal aliens
    Check your credit report regularly, an illegal may be using your Social Security number.

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    Good letter.

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    Yes, I also liked it. (and Smith is one of my senators too).

    This time around, he turns out to be one of the more important ones in the debate / voting on the DREAM Act - he is one of the still 'undecided' [ of about 30 or so], opposed amnesty last time (in June), and is up for reelection in 2008. He should be 'swayable' to oppose it, but will require more pressure to 'make him see the light' (all IMHO, of course).
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    Excellent Letter!
    "Send them Back." "Build a damn wall and be done with it."
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    Nice work, jecg_97030. Let's get these sellouts back to our side or send them on the run.
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    I say lets send them packin. Its time for some new blood (Patriotic Blood) and get rid of the Ted Kennedy Puppets.

    Great Letter,
    Im from Oregon also and have sent multitudes of faxes and letters and have only seen one reply and that was from Congressman WU. Not so much as a call or reply from the Senators.

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