Liberal democrat joins conservatives in the fight against amnesty, the reason why is heartbreaking

11/16/2014 Entertainment, News, Opinion, Politics

Self-described “lifelong, very liberal Democrat”, Don Rosenberg, appeared on Judge Jeanie Pirro tonight to explain to the world how he has been personally affected by this administrations refusal to enforce our immigration laws. His son, Drew Rosenberg (shown in picture above with his father), was killed in a horrific car accident by an illegal immigrant. The illegal, named Roberto Galo (mug shot shown above on right), made a left-hand turn and hit Drew while he was riding his motorcycle. In an effort to flee, Galo accelerated and drove over Drew’s body three times, according to official reports obtained by his dad. A stranger who witnessed the accident saw Gallo attempting to leave the scene. He immediately jumped in of front Gallo’s vehicle to keep him from getting away. The car finally stopped and came to rest, but it was on Drew Rosenberg’s abdomen. Five months earlier, San Francisco police stopped Galo, a native of Honduras, for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and driving without a license. He got cited for the traffic violation, driving without a license and having no insurance. The city even temporarily impounded the illegal alien’s car, the same one that would later kill Drew. What makes this story so much more heart wrenching is, the illegal alien served only 43 days in jail and the Obama administration won’t deport him because driving without a license is a minor offense. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told Rosenberg that this constituted a crime of “moral turpitude”. Roberto Galo is free and living in the U.S today. Since his son’s death, Donald Rosenberg has embarked on a crusade. He has launched a nonprofit to tackle the epidemic of fatalities caused by unlicensed illegal immigrant drivers nationwide. He has even written a letter to Obama about the incident, but of course Obama didn’t respond. Frustrated by Obama’s indifference, he wrote a second letter. In that letter he gives his guess to what Obama probably did with the previous letter, Rosenberg wrote,
“Considering your lack of recognizing the true victims of illegal immigration (no, not those here illegally) I certainly would not be surprised if you or any of your [aides] just tossed it in the shredder.”
The recent news of Obama’s executive order has infuriated this liberal dad even more. “Why don’t you issue an executive order bringing my son and the 100,000 or so that have been killed back to life before you reward people who are responsible for all those deaths?” He asked of the president. He goes on to say why he thinks Obama is writing this executive order now,
“votes. Very simple. There’s no other reason then he made a promise to get votes back in 2008. He couldn’t live up to his promise then, so he’s doing that now. Because it makes absolutely no sense to give amnesty to 5 million now, but eventually 11 to 20 million that have broken the law.”
I believe it’s time to demand our lawmakers start caring about the Drew Rosenbergs and start listening to the people who put them in office. WE THE PEOPLE need to take a note from this father, and tell our president we will NOT tolerate him putting politics before American lives any longer.