Liberalism and zealotry

The barbarians have entered the gates and now seek to expel us.

December 27, 2018
By Tim Froehlke

Those of us a little older can gauge the direction the country seems to be going from decades of personal observation. Some of the changes wrought through the victories of political liberalism are:
1. Sexual perversion brought out of the shadows, advocated, and institutionalized.
2. Unimaginable debt cleverly crafted to bring ruin to the next generation.
3. Importation of adherents of a murderous religion.
4. Extermination of children.
5. Importation of a foreign population to replace exterminated children.
6. Extension of government control to every aspect of life.
7. Rabid outrage over global warming during the coolest period in the last 100 years.

One cannot help but wonder what motivates those whose collective actions are pushing the country further down the path to destruction. At first glance one might think that liberals are just stupid and unable to understand what they are doing. However, one of the most liberal environments one could find is the college campus, where at least some students are selected for high intelligence.
The word “idiot” comes from the Greek and originally meant someone who did not participate in the activity of the polis because of personal (some might say selfish) interests. The word “idiosyncratic” has the same root. As time progressed, the word came to be used of one whose mental abilities were insufficient for participation. We might use the word ignorant (willful or otherwise) to describe someone whose opinions arise from a woefully empty storehouse of information. However, it seems that liberals have quite a depth of knowledge about the “facts" they consider true.
When one considers the destructive effects of liberal policies (even to narrow self-interest), it can seem that it could only be explained as some sort of mental illness. However, one of the hallmarks of mental illness is disorganized thinking and liberals seem very organized.
Jerry Seinfeld once commented that he used “random acts of malice” in his plots as this was a useful device for creating tension in the storyline as well as reflecting real life. This may be getting closer to the mark, as it often seems that liberals derive pleasure from attacking men, white people, or some other unfavored group.
Perhaps a more accurate picture emerges when considering the possibility of religious zealotry. It seems strange that secularism can inspire religious devotion. However, little else explains the depth of such passions.
The barbarians have entered the gates and now seek to expel us. There is no reasoning, compromise, or debate. It was never about what was right, true, or good. It was always about power. Having a clearer idea of liberal motives may not help us regain our country, but it can liberate us from the futility of arguing with someone who has so little regard for truth.
It is when we mistakenly ascribe motives of ignorance that we become vulnerable to getting sucked into endless and pointless arguments. The “tar baby” from the Uncle Remus stories can serve as an illustration of the frustration found in attempting to use reason after making a false assumption of reasonableness.
The mistake we made was in opening public discourse to all in thinking that civility and reason would win the day. It seems that truth is not universally appreciated or desired. Jesus once said, “light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil”. This may be a way to best understand the motives of liberals.