Life, liberty, and …….illegal Immigrants?

Clay Mercer Cordele Dispatch

Pinehurst — After my piece two weeks ago about exchanging some jeans at a department store, I got some (really ugly emails) negative feedback concerning my attitude about illegal immigration, in general, and illegal immigrants, in particular.

I also had a few (nutcases) individuals who took exception to my comments regarding the retail giant known as “Wal-Mart.”

Since I am, by nature, a sensitive and tolerant individual, I reviewed the piece in question and found that there was no reference to either illegal immigration or Wal-Mart in the column. I did state that an Hispanic woman was trying to buy a green card.

Well, let’s see….March…..St. Patrick’s Day….green beer, green rivers, green hats, green everything…..I have no idea what the card was supposed to do. I just described the color.

I don’t have a problem with illegal immigrants. It sounds to me, though, that some of my (wacko liberal) more dedicated followers have problems with illegal immigrants.

Specifically, there are three groups that have a problem with illegal immigrants.

The first group is the Mexicans. Huh? Yeah, I said “Mexicans,” and the way some people are going, pretty soon “Mexican” will be “hate speech” and we’ll all be saying ‘the M-word’ instead.

Mexicans have a problem with illegal immigrants because whenever someone says “illegal immigrant,” what most people think is “Mexican.” Also, when someone says “Hispanic,” what most people think is “Mexican.”

That makes me think that most people associate Mexicans with illegal immigration, which is stereotyping. On the other hand, when I think of the illegal aliens I know, most of them did, in fact, come here from Mexico.

The second group that has a problem with illegal immigrants are the Republicans. That’s just for the sake of appearances. Republicans really don’t care about illegal aliens, but if they say that, then it makes it look like they support an illegal activity and (we can’t have that) that would generate negative press.

The third group that has a problem with illegal immigrants are the Democrats. However, they (lie and say) profess that they don’t have a problem and refer to illegal immigrants as “undocumented individuals.”

That’s like saying that the guy that shot Trayvon Martin was an “undocumented policeman,” or that a bank robber received an “undocumented loan,” or that a congressman taking bribes received “undocumented income,” or that fines for traffic violations are “undocumented taxes.” You get the idea.

But Clay, what do we do about illegal aliens? Well, for starters, why don’t you try leaving them alone?

It hasn’t been two months since a local farmhand, who just happened to be an illegal alien from Mexico, got nabbed by the ICE agents. ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and aren’t they (the biggest waste of government money) really doing a fine job?

Actually, this guy was caught by the Americus Police Department, who wouldn’t have stopped him except they mistook him for a college student who could pay (an outrageous) a reasonable fine. But he was illegal, so they turned him over to ICE.

ICE kept him for a month, then sent him back to Mexico. He made it back to Dooly County before the ICE agents got home from the border.

What’s to be done? For all the people fighting to get into the United States, you’d think we had a big statue someplace like New York City, with an engraving on it that said something like, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Well, that ship has sailed.