Lindsey Graham ‏@GrahamBlog

President Obama’s attempt to go around Congress and the American people is at best unwise and possibly illegal.

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2h DennisM ‏@newsagg
@GrahamBlog Obama is not going around you, he's making tire tracks over you and its about time @barackobama

2h Poppa/WillieHussein ‏@PoppaWillie
@GrahamBlog. STFU BIGOT

2h Dawn Martin ‏@BELIEVEixoye
@GrahamBlog Unfortunately he & his admin has been running circles around you since he took office!

3h Charlotte Russell ‏@charruss
@GrahamBlog Why r u in congress allowing this IDIOT in the WH2 get away with bypassing laws? Talk is cheap Do Something about it !!!