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Thread: Lindsey Graham Calls Trump An “Idiot” – Supporters Are Racists, Anti-Muslim, Woman-Ha

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    Lindsey Graham Calls Trump An “Idiot” – Supporters Are Racists, Anti-Muslim, Woman-Ha

    Lindsey Graham Calls Trump An “Idiot” – Supporters Are Racists, Anti-Muslim, Woman-Haters, Defends Comrade Bush

    Posted on August 26, 2015 by Rick Wells

    The establishment spokesperson masquerading as a political candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham, went on CNN to help Jeb Bush talk his way out of his latest self-inflicted wound, the use of the term anchor baby to describe anchor babies.

    Bush’s first effort to extricate himself from the use of what his camp sees as a politically incorrect term involved yet another politically incorrect attack on Asians, one that is not believable yet has been chosen as the story they’re sticking to and the one that Graham is now attempting to sell on Bush’s behalf.

    Graham would have us believe that Bush shifted the topic mid-paragraph from anchor babies in general, the majority of which are among his favored Latino population, and directed it towards a specific “anchor baby tourism” industry, without identifying the subject change at the time. That’s simply not a credible statement. He’s recognized his comments have created a political mess and he’s trying to back out, flailing about indiscriminately in the process.

    Donald Trump responded to the Bush comments saying, “In a clumsy move to get out of his ‘anchor babies’ dilemma, where he signed that he would not use the term and now uses it, he blamed ASIANS.” That is clearly what happened, but Graham, whose job is increasingly evolving into that of a Bush cleanup man and anti-Trump attack dog, offers a different take on things.

    Graham said, “Well I think Donald Trump is pretty much an idiot on policy and Jeb Bush is a good man. What Jeb was talking about was birthright tourism. Millionaires from China and other Asian nations as well as the Middle-East buy tourist visas for the express purpose of having their wife deliver a baby in the United States.”

    That is not the issue. The U.S. is not being overrun by foreign millionaires and if it were there would likely be much less of an uproar and some associated economic benefit. We are being overrun by foreign third-world peasants and to claim that the discussion was about millionaires is blatantly dishonest. Graham is clearly delivering a GOP establishment message and engaging in some much-needy proxy damage control for his supposed competitor.

    Graham said birthright tourism is something he’d like to clean up someday, after the immediate problem is taken care of, acknowledging that it isn’t an issue, undercutting his entire argument. He also clearly self-identifies and has sided with the pro-invasion establishment.

    In his subsequent attacks on Trump, Graham compared him to the unfairly vilified Senator Joseph McCarthy, who happened to have been right about much of the foreign infiltration in government at the time. Graham also made what appears to have been a Freudian slip, identifying Trump as the leader of the Republican Party. Give him a little more time, Lindsey, right now he’s just the leading candidate for president. You’re still working for the current party leadership

    Graham then ventured out into the weeds, attacking Trump as being against women and Hispanics, and as such, hurting the party. What Mr. Trump is actually against is anti-Americanism and political phonies like Graham and Bush. Whether those attacks are carried out by women or men, of whatever race makes no difference.

    He then goes on to dismiss and label 25 percent of Republicans as representing “the dark side of politics,” being racists and anti-Muslim, for not accepting the Obama fairy tale and challenging his destructive assault on our nation.

    The tone and substance of Graham’s comments only further call into question just who is pulling his wires and substantiates the dire situation of the current one-party, two-faced system. Graham and Bush represent what is wrong with politics today and why Donald Trump is surging in popularity with the American citizens.

    It’s not surprising that the sellout girly-man Graham would have trouble distinguishing patriotism from racism and that he would be critical those who are loyal to their nation. It’s something he might understand but certainly would never support.

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    Well, you know when they start throwing that phony race card, they've hit rock-bottom. 4% in your home state, Lindsey, and you're calling the 30% who support Trump "the dark side of politics"? Really. I think you need a Tylenol and a nap to CALM DOWN.

    See, Lindsey, when Trump calls someone out, he's right, that's why he gets away with it and the people love him even more for honesty, his ass-kicking and taking names.

    Yeah, you should read the newspaper about Frank Luntz focus group. You'll find out that they think Congress is a bunch of "douchebags". Oh wait, that would include YOU.
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