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Thread: LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Rally LIVE from Harrisburg Pennsylvania MAGA 100

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    The real problem will be finding a doctor to take that coverage. They won't touch it. The only places in a largely populated city like Philadelphia that takes medicaid, medicare (just pays 80%) are hospital clinics, city health centers & a handful of doctors with questionable care and rundown offices. I don't think California will be able to run a healthcare system on medicare/medicaid payments because the doctors won't take the low payout.

    Maybe they plan on people with money buying private insurance and the medicare/medicaid will be for all the illegals, senior foreigners and our poor California Americans. Ca is giving up a lot for illegals - seems more for them and less for Americans is the priority. Make Americans pay for foreign invaders and all the legal immigrants seniors, they auto get medicare, SSI w/o ever paying a penny into it.
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    No artist, no private insurance. That is why I am so angry. I have medicare and Senior Advantage now. The only private care allowed will be for cosmetic surgery. All doctors would be under the government one payer plan. Doctors are already saying they will leave California. It will be like Canada. Months waiting to see a doctor or having to wait for the state to approve a procedure. The rich will be flying to other states for medical care.

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    Frightening - get rid of your governor. This is what handing the country over to illegal aliens causes, pulls us down, degrades our lifestyle, takes our monies for their use.

    Worse yet, is the California TREND heading across America? The writing has been on the wall that this would happen. obamacare was a big scam to cover all illegals' births and their kids & removing quality care for our American seniors. trump's plan is no better.

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