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    llegal Alien Murderer Claims Discrimination /JW

    llegal Alien Murderer Claims Discrimination
    Last Updated: Wed, 09/09/2009 - 12:16pm

    An illegal alien serving a 15-year prison sentence for the hit-and-run murder of a Wisconsin teenager demanded a judge free him because he encountered discrimination when his immigration status was repeatedly referenced in court.

    In August 2007 the intoxicated illegal immigrant (Eddie Carbajal-Lile) with a previous drunk-driving conviction ran a stop sign and caused a crash that killed a 17-year-old boy. Two other teenagers were injured in the accident and Carbajal-Lile fled the scene but was arrested a month later in Ohio.

    Incredibly, the illegal immigrant already had open container and drunken driving convictions in Wisconsin, a notorious sanctuary state that protects undocumented aliens, and he got caught using various aliases during several encounters with law enforcement. Yet, he remained in the state long enough to murder an innocent American.

    Carbajal-Lile's faced more than two decades in prison for murdering the teen but prosecutors recommended 10 as part of a plea deal. A judge in eastern Wisconsin's Sheboygan County Circuit Court tacked on five more years because the crime was so severe.

    Through his U.S. taxpayer-financed public defender, the illegal immigrant filed a motion to vacate his sentence this month, claiming that race cannot be considered in court and mentioning his status as an illegal alien is no different than a racial reference. Six references about his illegal status equated to discrimination on the basis of race and nationality, according to the motion.

    Fortunately, the same judge that tacked on the extra five years denied the motion this week, ruling that the court did not consider Carbajal-Lile's nationality or race during sentencing. Sheboygan County prosecutors explained that all references to Carbajal-Lile's immigration status, limited English and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were in response to points the defense brought up, part of the discussion of the length of his sentence or victim statements. ... rimination
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    The illegal killed a woman, period.

    They should give the illegal LIFE for doing the equivalent of calling the race card.
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    This is so disgusting..the taxpayers get stuck with every penny for all of this folly. For whatever financial benefits some employers may get from illegal alien workers---which could just as easily be done either by machines or by out of work Americans---- the other costs they subject us to negate any of it. Since the 1986 amnesty I bet this country has spent a few trillion dollars absorbing the costs from these people, while certain companies reap the benefit.
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    he better be glad he didnt get the death penalty

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    I don’t think that Alipac rules permit me to post what I think of this person.
    I would never be so arrogant as to move to another country and expect them to change for me.

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