Look at the reasons why SB 1070 exists

April 24, 2011 3:05 PM

After reading both an April 12 Yuma Sun editorial and an article on Arizona’s SB 1070 law I discovered one of the basic elements was missing. The who, what and when were addressed but not the question of why. I would like to offer just a few items that could answer this question.

In my view, both Democrat politicians and the federal government don’t want our current immigration law to be enforced.

They want illegal immigrants to make maximum utilization of our welfare largess based on the assumption illegal immigrants will always vote for Democrats. For example, a number of states and cities with Democratic majorities encourage their participation to openly vote in local elections and turn a blind eye when national elections are held.

Recently, seven illegal immigrants were arrested protesting against not being allowed to attend a university. Instead of prosecuting them, ICE simply released them into the public.

Over the past few years both state and federal government spending has created major crises in meeting welfare largess which includes illegals. The federal government has historically relied on a federal “credit card