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    Looking for California ALIPAC activists!

    Any forum members in the LA area? The billboard story is "growing" .. see the request from Mr. Gheen (William) below .. and e-mail or call him at the toll-free line if you "qualify" .. or respond in this thread .... we need your help, California activists


    We need an ALIPAC supporter that can meet with Carlos Granda of KABC -7 TV in Los Angeles He needs an interview about the Los Angeles, CA/Mexico Billboard. He can meet you at the billboard at Sherman Way and Woodley or near San Fernando valley. Email or call the ALIPAC hotline if you can meet with Carlos.
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    I'm two hours away. If they want to use a green screen, I promise to bite my tongue. LOL.

    Otherwise, my interview would just be a series of editting 'Beeps'.
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