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    LOU DOBBS TONIGHT plus POLL ... dt.01.html

    LOU DOBBS TONIGHT is VERY good tonight (CNN). Here is a partial transcript. Subjects they discussed were The MinuteManProject, the senate amnesty measure, illegals becoming more common on military facilities, MORE!!

    First the poll!

    Who do you think should be responsible for the cost of illegal aliens in the United States?

    Taxpayers 2% 73 votes
    Criminal employers 66% 2198 votes
    Country of origin 32% 1057 votes

    Total: 3328 votes

    We've reported extensively on the invasion of illegal aliens into this country. Tonight, there are new concerns that some illegal aliens in the state of Arizona are hurting not only their own lives but the lives of U.S. Marines at risk. Those illegal aliens are entering the United States through a U.S. Marine Corps bombing range.

    Karen Schaler of our affiliate, KNXV, went to that range and reports tonight from Phoenix -- Karen.

    KAREN SCHALER, KNXV REPORTER: Well, that's right, Lou.

    When we went down and visited the Marine air station on Monday we were stunned at just how big a problem this really is. Marines from all over the country come here to train for combat. But right now the biggest battle is trying to control the hundreds of illegal immigrants coming on to the restricted property.

    Take a look. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

    SCHALER (voice-over): Watch as this Marine tries to block a truck of illegal immigrants racing through the restricted Marine Corps air station in Yuma. The Marine bails out when he realizes the truck is about to smash into him. The illegal immigrants take off running, with the border patrol right behind them.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are getting overrun here.

    SCHALER: Seems like a movie? Unfortunately, this drama is all too common at this Marine air station that's supposed to focus on training Marines for combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    But now a record number of illegal immigrants sneaking onto the training range has forced the range to shut down more than 500 times over this past six months, for a total of 1,100 training hours lost.

    COL. JAMES COONEY, U.S. MARINE CORPS: Every moment that is lost means we accept more risk in a combat theater that our people won't come home.

    SCHALER: Here's the problem: a huge chunk of the Marines' bombing range is right along the Mexican border. Last year more than 1,500 illegal immigrants were caught in the training area. But already, in the first three months of this year, more than 1,100 have been apprehended.

    COONEY: That is completely counter productive to our whole training orientation.

    SCHALER: And dangerous. This video shows a training exercise where a pilot drops a practice bomb, and seconds later you can see illegal immigrants, highlighted here, running from the target.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God, that was a close call.

    SCHALER: And the Marines aren't the only ones having problems with illegal immigrants impacting training.

    At the Army's Yuma proving ground, about 30 miles north of the border, where the Army is testing artillery, mortars and ammunition, training has also been stopped because of illegal immigrants wandering onto the test area. And, outside of Gila Bend, also about 30 miles from the border, where the Air Force trains F-16 pilots for combat. The Air Force says training stopped at least 55 times last year because of illegal immigrants on the bombing range.

    SCHALER: Now to try and get some help, the Marines have contacted Senator Jon Kyl. The senator says he has just met with top government officials at the White House to go over these concerns -- Lou.

    DOBBS: Karen, gaping holes obviously in our border security and security problems for the U.S. Marine Corps. To what extent are those military officials concerned about the possibility that radical Islamist terrorists could be infiltrating a U.S. military base along that very same border?

    SCHALER: Well, you bring up a great question, because they told me that is their key concern. Both the Army and the Marines say they're aware of the terrorist threat.

    Again the Marines are right on the border. They are trying to patrol the area, but we just don't have enough border patrol is what they tell us. Their key concern is that 1,100 illegal immigrants in the first three months of this year can gain access onto a restricted area. What's stopping a terrorist from doing the same thing?

    Illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers billions, tens of billions of dollars every year in direct costs. Our tax dollars are paying, as well, for a huge range of services for illegal aliens, from health care to education. And the costs are rising and rising dramatically every year, because, again, the federal government is failing to secure our borders.

    LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): A few years ago, Allen County, Indiana, housed only one or two illegal aliens for misdemeanors and felonies. But now the number of alien inmates has climbed to nearly 40, as the area's Hispanic population has grown.

    Sheriff Jim Herman says it costs $35 a day to feed and clothe each inmate. That does not include the cost for medical expenses, interpreters and lawyers.

    JIM HERMAN, SHERIFF, ALLEN COUNTY, INDIANA: We have more prisoners than we know what to do with, even before you start talking about undocumented aliens. So like I say, it just adds to the frustration. We can't seem to build jail cells fast enough. SYLVESTER: It's not only local government shouldering the cost of illegal immigration. The federal government is also shelling out billions a year, which means all Americans end up paying.

    PETER SEPP, NATIONAL TAXPAYERS UNION: The costs of illegal immigration may be concentrated in some of the southwestern border states, but the fact is, illegal immigration is occurring nationwide. And it is a nationwide cost that taxpayers will bear.

    SYLVESTER: Costs for the prison and court system, emergency medical treatment and schools. And amnesty would make things far worse, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

    STEVEN CAMAROTA, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: We estimate that while right now illegal aliens impose a net cost on the federal government of $10 billion, if they were legalized and began to use services and pay taxes like legal aliens, like legal immigrants, with the same levels of education, that cost would balloon to nearly $30 billion.

    SYLVESTER: $30 billion on top of the current record federal budget deficit.


    SYLVESTER: The Center for Immigration Study found that illegal households pay $16 billion in taxes annually, but they end up costing the federal government $26 billion in services -- Lou.

    DOBBS: Lisa, thank you very much. Lisa Sylvester.

    And subsidizing criminal employers. My guest tonight is the leader of a powerful farmers group who says American agriculture simply cannot survive without a foreign and mostly illegal work force. ... dt.01.html
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    Quote Originally Posted by AuntB
    SCHALER: And dangerous. This video shows a training exercise where a pilot drops a practice bomb, and seconds later you can see illegal immigrants, highlighted here, running from the target.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God, that was a close call.
    Someone remind me... was that a good thing or a bad thing? j/k

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    I hope those Mexes were scared outta their ponchos!! Do you reckon they ran back South as fast as they could run??

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