June 2, 2012
Kimberly Morin
Boston Conservative
Independent Examiner

On Thursday the Massachusetts House passed a bill to reform election laws. They completely ignored and took out voter i.d. requirements but they’ve added laws that will make it easier to commit voter fraud. How will these new laws aid in more voter fraud? Allowing people to register on line and mail in their registration will absolutely bring more voter registration fraud and potentially more voter fraud to the Commonwealth. The law currently allows people to mail in affidavits using paper registrations. After seeing all of the massive voter registration fraud that has occurred over the past few years, does Massachusetts really think it’s a good idea to allow electronic voter registration? From the bill:

The electronic affidavit of voter registration shall give registrants the option to enter data directly into the form prior to printing out the affidavit or to print a blank form and manually enter information. The registrant shall personally sign and mail, or deliver personally or by an authorized person the completed affidavit of voter registration form to the appropriate city 16 elections department or town clerk’s office
Another idea of Democrat ‘election reform’ is to allow 16 and 17 year olds to pre-register to vote:

If such person is at least 16 years of age and has not attained the qualification of age, the affidavit of registration shall be re-examined by the registrar until such person will, on or before the day of the next preliminary, primary, special or general election or town meeting, attain full age, at which time the registrar shall enter such person’s name in the current annual register of voter.
Wait what? Why on Earth would anyone allow people who cannot legally vote to pre-register to vote? The legal voting age is 18 years old. Is it too much to ask an 18 year old to go to their local city hall and register to vote upon turning the legal age? These 16 and 17 year olds will be pre-registered to vote when getting their licenses to drive. Since no immigration forms are required when getting a license in Massachusetts, how many illegal aliens will be pre-registered to vote? These kids, although illegal, will believe they have the right to vote upon turning 18. Illegal alien voting has already been an issue in other elections across the country due to automatic voter registration such as this.

There was an amendment to add voter i.d. into the bill but that was tossed out by Democrats. This is ironic given that Democrats are requiring photo i.d. for anyone who is attending their convention in Springfield this weekend to vote for the candidates in the upcoming elections. Apparently requiring photo i.d. isn’t racist or disenfranchising of voters when the Democrats do it but absolutely is when Republicans seek to have the same exact requirements of all voters.

Massachusetts desperately needs election reforms such as purging dead voters off of the voting rolls (there are apparently over 100,000 dead people registered to vote in the state ). Requiring photo i.d. is another excellent reform that should be put into place and one that the majority of voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents absolutely want as law. Rather than putting into place real election reforms that will boost the integrity of the vote, Democrats are adding reforms that will inevitably boost the number of fraudulent votes. As usual, Massachusetts Democrats ignore the majority of voters (aka constituents) and push for ‘reforms’ that their far Left Wing lobbyists spend millions of dollars to have put into place. The Democrats’ idea of election reform is anything but reform and will ensure more voter fraud and voter registration fraud in the Commonwealth.