[Listen] Mark Levin and Jeff Sessions – Border Madness, Direct Importation “In Country” is National Suicide

Posted on 26 July, 2014 by Rick Wells

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Mark Levin interviews Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) regarding the nonsense that is spewing out of the illegal-alien-in-chief as he seeks to fundamentally transform the United States of America into Latin America.
Levin asks, “aren’t we going to be overwhelmed through this refugee program and then if they’re turned away, what’s to stop them from coming in illegally anyway?”
Sessions agrees, that the Democrats will be granting refugee status to people who aren’t deserving of it. He says this has the potential to be a “huge error” that will be uncontrollable.
Levin asks how are we going to stop this from spreading around the world, many people are much worse off than those that Obama has identified and offered refugee amnesty to, are we going to import them as well?
Sessions makes a distinction between helping poor people around the world by admitting them into the United States and a policy that serves the interests of the United States of America. They are two different things entirely.
Senator Sessions says that the Obama Central American satellite alien induction centers would “be very dangerous and a further erosion of any ability of this nation to maintain a lawful system of immigration. The American people are going to have to make their voices heard.”
Levin asks under what logic can it be said that the self-importation of unskilled, largely illiterate population will be a “shot in the arm” to our economy. Levin describes it as an impossibility and Senator Sessions agrees.
He points out that our problem is a lack of jobs, not a lack of labor. This “pen amnesty” would give equal access to already scarce American jobs to the imported foreigners, in direct competition with American workers.

Video at the page Link:

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