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MARK LEVIN: We need new leaders and a new Republican Party

Posted on Feb 14, 2014 at 5:15 PM in Featured Politics | 1 Comment
By The Right Scoop

Mark Levin was on with Neil Cavuto today discussing the fact that the GOP is no longer willing to fight the Democrats even over simple spending concessions, as has always been the case. Mark Levin points out that the reason they canít fight now is that theyíve been surrendering to Democrats since we put them in power in 2010.
Levin says itís time for a new Republican Party with new leaders that actually know how to lead:
Iíve seen leaders, Iíve worked for leaders. And leaders change events. Leaders affect the future. And they have arguments. They donít stand there and talk with marbles in their mouths and trash their own party and so forth.
Look, we need a new Republican Party. We need new leaders. Iíve seen it. Iíve seen it with Reagan, Iíve seen it with GingrichÖsay what you will. There are men, there are women out there who are waiting in the wings who can lead this party and make a case.

And thereís a lot more. Watch below:

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