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Thread: Mark Meadows, JimJordan amendment would help solve border crisis

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    Mark Meadows, JimJordan amendment would help solve border crisis

    This Issue: Meadows/Jordan amendments to must-pass spending bill would fix asylum loopholes and make other critical changes to enforcement policy

    Fri, Dec 14th

    As Congressional leaders plot out a path to fund about 25% of the federal government beyond Dec. 21 to avoid a partial shutdown, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Caucus Co-Founder Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are prepared to file two amendments to the must-passing spending bill that would provide border security funding, and more importantly, fix the asylum loopholes. They announced the amendments in a op-ed on Wednesday.
    In addition to providing the $5 billion of border security funding that Pres. Trump has requested from Congress, the Meadows/Jordan amendments would: 1) fix the loopholes in the law that continue the surge of unaccompanied alien children at the border; 2) repeal the Wilberforce trafficking act that would require DHS to treat illegal border crossers from non-contiguous countries the same as those from Mexico and Canada; and 3) repeal the Flores Settlement agreement that only allows the feds to detain minors who cross the border illegally for 20 days.
    For those of you with Republican U.S. Representatives, we've posted a new fax on your Action Board urging them to support the Meadows/Jordan amendments.
    E-Verify Protects Law-Abiding Employers
    We're once again witnessing the back-and-forth between President Trump and Democratic leaders in Congress over wall funding. While Republicans still control both chambers until January, House Speaker Paul Ryan has now become totally irrelevant to the negotiations, and any pretense that he ever stood on the side of the American people when it came to immigration policy has been cast aside. It is up to the Trump Administration to perform the art of the deal to advance the President's agenda through Congress. The question remains: Is President Trump committed to that end or determined to get a "win" no matter how hollow?
    The wall has always been President Trump's rallying cry on immigration, but he has also engaged in a substantive discussion of other necessary reforms that must be made beyond erecting physical barriers along the border. He has pushed for reforms to prevent economic migrants from abusing asylum laws and has strengthened interior enforcement. The President has called for an end to chain migration, the elimination of the visa lottery, and a shift to merit-based admissions system. However, the White House has failed to put a serious effort into getting legislation through Congress, and even allowed Ryan to sabotage Rep. Goodlatte's bill in the House, which would have ended chain migration and mandated E-Verify for all employers.
    So, where do we stand with the December 21 deadline to fund DHS looming? It seems the sticking point is the President's demand for $5 billion to spend on the wall and the Democrats only willing to support funding around $1.5 billion. A few billion dollars isn't even walking-around money in D.C. so it's clear Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi are (yet again) putting politics above the national interest.
    It's not that Democratic leaders in Congress oppose spending $5 billon on the border wall because they think it can be more effectively spent on other deterrents. They oppose any enforcement effort whatsoever. The President could expose this by making the case for E-Verify. He could still haggle with the Democrats over wall money, but as long as building a wall is his only priority it leaves him open to accusations that he is cynically exploiting voter opposition to illegal immigration while doing little to tackle its root cause.
    Now, that accusation, at least when made by Democratic leaders, may itself be cynical, but it does have an effectiveness when Americans understand that building a wall will do nothing to hold criminal employers who hire illegal aliens responsible; and it won't prevent illegal aliens from using forged or stolen identities to deceive employers seeking to follow the law.
    Just this past week The New York Times ran a story about illegal aliens who worked at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey. Not surprisingly, the Times reporter tried to spin this as an attack on the President despite the fact that both illegal aliens admitted they had used fraudulent documents to obtain employment.
    E-Verify would make it much more difficult for illegal aliens to work and it would hold employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens criminally liable.

    As NumbersUSA President Roy Beck said in a recent statement:
    Once again, we see the farce of expecting employers to be document-fraud experts to ensure that illegal workers don't get employment. E-Verify takes this burden off employers and puts it on the government, where it belongs. Some of President Trump's businesses have realized the value of E-Verify and are using it; those that are not using it put the President at risk of major embarrassment, as we see here. Until Congress mandates E-Verify for every employer, we're going to see these stories. More importantly, though, American workers will continue to be pushed out of jobs and see their wages undercut....Perhaps incoming Speaker Pelosi will re-establish the Democrat Party's credentials with wage-earning Americans by agreeing to take away the jobs magnet for illegal workers through passage of mandatory E-Verify in her first 100 days.

    NumbersUSA E-mail
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Process and send all UAC's back into the care and custody of their President within 24 hours!

    They can house and feed them and find their relatives back home! If the parents are here illegally, go get them and deport them too!

    No warehousing them, no releasing them on our soil.

    They are not our responsibility and we are not the dumping ground for the world.
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