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    Marylands Gubernatorial race

    Here in Maryland at least we have a Governor and a Comptroller who are on record as being anti-illegal-alien/Pro-American. Ehrlich, our current Governor, will be pitted against either Duncan or O'Mally both of whom are pro-illegal open border folks, they both also control "Sanctuary cities".

    So I have decided for this election cycle to do my part and impart some information to the voting public. I am having signs and bumper stickers made up, as soon as I know who Ehrlich's opponent will be, that say the following.

    President Bush supports Illegal-Aliens
    (Doug Dunkin or O'Mally) supports Illegal-Aliens
    Governor Ehrlich supports Americans
    Who are you going to support?

    Time to let the voters know just who the traitors are.

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    Good Idea, JustanAmerican. Let us know how it pans out. what are people saying over there about the Port deals? Adopt a Soldier

    "This is our culture - fight for it. This is our flag - pick it up. This is our country - take it back." - Congressman Tom Tancredo

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    Quote Originally Posted by DcSA
    Good Idea, JustanAmerican. Let us know how it pans out. what are people saying over there about the Port deals?

    Most people, myself included, are furious about it. I have heard people whom I consider to be "Bush Is God" folk, outright curse his name yesterday. Between Illegals, the port debaucle and his asinine outsourcing comments yesterday he has managed to virtually destroy the Republican party.

    Unless something drastic happens the Dems will control the House and the Senate in 2007 and start impeachment proceedings, all without lifting a finger.

    And for me even though I tend to be more conservative ( I am a registered Independent, have been since my first vote in 80 for Reagan, because I vote for what they stand for, not the party), I sincerely hope this happens because without a CW2 or another American revolution this is the only way we are going to stop the idiot at the top from destroying our country.

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