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    Mass immigration is now about 'racial justice,' not America's best interests

    by Eddie Scarry
    | March 05, 2020 12:54 PM

    The social justice maniacs know nothing outside of grievance and oppression. It is a hopeless task to convince them that their perpetual victimhood is repulsive to normal people.

    Case in point: New York Times reporter Jason DeParle went on a fools errand and tried to convince a bunch of immigration activists that their cause might see greater success if they made sound, logical arguments about the alleged benefits of allowing hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the U.S.

    Naturally, it didn’t take. As I exhaustively explain in Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People, there is no reasoning with the social justice mob.

    It’s not interested in arguments or appeals to reason. It’s only interested in demanding that the “privileged” (heterosexuals, whites, men) make amends for the “oppressed” (ethnic minorities, women, gays, transgenders).

    DeParle wrote in his piece that Democrats and pro-immigrant activists could try selling their proposal for mass importation of foreigners by explaining its economic benefits.

    Their response: No thanks! And really, what did you expect -- they don't believe in economics anyway.

    “If you want me to give you some top-level GDP number, that’s just not my voice,” activist Lorella Praeli, an immigrant herself, told DeParle. “I would just go to the story of self.”

    “We grounded the organization in a much deeper analysis of racial justice,” said Ms. Jiménez, the group’s co-founder. “We do not separate our experience as immigrants from the experiences of brown and black people in this country.”

    Cristina Jiménez, co-founder of one pro-immigration group, said, “We grounded the organization in a much deeper analysis of racial justice. We do not separate our experience as immigrants from the experiences of brown and black people in this country.”

    You know that trite “nation of immigrants” catchphrase Democrats are so fond of? The social justice crew finds it....problematic.

    “We’re also a nation of native people who were victims of genocide and African-American people who were brought here in slavery,” Jiménez told DeParle. “There’s something about the system that’s going after us for the color of our skin.”

    See? Hopeless.

    As delusional as it is, the social justice people sincerely believe that immigration should not be a matter of bringing in the best people for America's sake. It’s a matter of righting the wrongs involve in America’s inherent immorality.

    “Rather than celebrate immigrant achievement, some activists call the ‘good immigrant’ narrative a pernicious story line that requires newcomers to prove their worth,” wrote DeParle. “When the California attorney general, Xavier Becerra, praised Dreamers last year for becoming doctors and nurses, critics said he reinforced a harmful trope.”

    Ah, I get it now. The social justice crowd supports unfettered, unregulated immigration so that more people can come to the U.S. and fail...and if they can attend social justice protests year-round, that's good, too.

    It’s hopeless.
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    Ask them why they cannot be successful in their own countries?

    They should be celebrating their own achievements in their countries. Face the complete failure they created themselves with their bad decisions and choices in life for the last 100 years. We did not make those choices for them. They continue to overbreed in poverty, live a life of crime, hate, and war with no progression towards peace and prosperity.

    Their history and their continued refusal to stand up, control their own destiny, and stop blaming everybody else is the direct result of their current situation.

    Shut the door, no more immigration. We are not the solution to their problems.


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