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    McCain Slammed at Town Hall: “Why is My Money Going to Al Qaeda in Syria?”

    McCain Slammed at Town Hall: “Why is My Money Going to Al Qaeda in Syria?”

    Posted on October 24, 2013 by BMartin1776

    This unnamed guy hammered McCain at a town hall event over the act of treason being perpetrated by the imperial empire aiding and abetting our enemies in Syria. Interestingly the man claims he has connections with the Jordanian Army and is aware of US military activity there. That is news no one is talking about!
    And the good news after this throttling is Johnny will be running for re-election again in 2016 because he has “a lot of work to do”! Yes you do John, helping advance the obama/ progressive agenda after obama leaves office!
    Progressivism = Communism, now stay with me for a minute….
    Isn’t it about time for someone to officially challenge McCain on his mental state? I know I’m going to anger A LOT of people and it’s tin-foil hat conspiracy theory but who is to say McCain was not brainwashed to do exactly what he is doing today while he was imprisoned during the Vietnam War?
    Russia had ties with the Vietnamese during the war supplying weapons and training. The Russians had/ have programs designed to infiltrate the US to take it apart from the inside without firing a shot through ideological subversion. In 1992 Vietnam admitted one American was interrogated by the KGB during the Vietnam War. It is plausible to conclude now that more than one American had a run in with the KGB or a Vietnamese interrogator trained by the KGB during their imprisonment!
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    Russian and Chinese troops were in North Vietnam during the war. No doubt in my mind our POW's were subjected to various propaganda treatments, of course how they were affected would vary.
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