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Thread: Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

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    Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

    Topic - Obama

    Media and Professional Left Begin Rewriting Obama’s Mid-East History…

    Posted on December 22, 2016 by sundance

    There’s a visible twisting of history taking place that’s increasingly obvious within the last few days. Against all intellectual honesty, an entirely different version of historical reality is being seeded by the media. Here’s the basic outline:

    In general terms it goes like this
    – Vladimir Putin, the global villain and Machiavellian nemesis of freedom, wanted to undermine NATO and find a way to take control of the world, starting with Europe. As such he schemed to seed the origin of ISIS in Syria so that he could begin killing them and driving a mass exodus of Syrian Muslims into Europe. According to the conspiracy, Putin knew if he forced enough Muslims into the EU it would disrupt society and create the chaos he needs to undermine NATO. That’s the current version of the Media story.

    However, what the insufferable leftist narrative avoids, is something called reality.

    The reality is: President Obama went to Cairo Egypt in 2009 and told the Muslim world that America’s political approach for the past decade was wrong. Obama apologized for our meddling efforts. President Obama then told the entire Middle East audience the U.S. would no longer protect Arab dictators, thereby seeding the ‘Islamist Spring’ uprisings which followed.

    The Muslim Brotherhood understood clearly what President Obama was saying. All of the Brotherhood affiliates: al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and eventually the Islamic State (ISIS), took advantage of Obama’s encouragement.

    The Brotherhood took Tunisia and Egypt first, Libya, Yemen and Syria followed thereafter. Between those five nation uprisings, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Saudi Arabia also came under regime pressure.

    However, the Egyptian people fought back and appointed Army General Fattah al-Sisi to get rid of the Brotherhood. He’s still there today. Obama was mad.

    Turkey via Recep Erdogan, not coincidentally Obama’s first mid-East BFF, supported the Brotherhood (and all affiliates) covertly and later openly. Erdogan looking at Obama’s approach as an opportunity to replace all the dead zookeepers with his own central magnanimous Ottoman Empire rebuilding self…. The Brotherhood is seen as a great political tool to bring about this outcome. A great Turkish opportunity.

    The Media Propaganda
    – The insufferable Western media would have the world believe the “rebels” in Libya, and later Syria, were simple ordinary people. Moderates. However, the reality was and is the “rebels” are 100% Islamic Extremists. Period.

    The recent Aleppo “evacuees” into Turkey are the ISIS supporters from inside Syria. In essence Russia and Iran’s approach toward assisting Bashir Assad in Syria was to confront and kill ISIS (ie. The Brotherhood ‘extremists’). With the Syrian “rebels”, ie. ISIS now removed, Syria is back under the control of Assad, who has no essential beef with the ordinary Syrian.

    That’s why yesterday, for the first time in five years – Christians in Aleppo and Eastern Syria, were able to take to town squares and light Christmas Trees.


    Yeah, a little… but with a purpose.

    Bashir Assad, Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani are letting the world see it was ISIS who terrorized the moderate Syrian citizenry, not Assad. (See Picture Above)

    Western media, together with President Obama, have been fixated on regime change for President Obama’s entire term in office. In every single example, the change of the regime delivered a more radical Islamic outcome. That’s not an accident.

    The media now need to re-write that history, and avoid the historic truth:

    President Obama’s policies unleashed the Salafists (Brotherhood), radical Islamic terrorists, all over the middle east. Those extremists killed the zoo keepers in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen; and almost took down Assad. With the zookeepers out of the way, the big cat extremists, ISIS, were unleashed.

    Despite the Western Media spin, it was not Vladimir Putin who started that mess, it was President Obama.

    And a whole bunch of DC UniParty politicians, from both wings of the singular party apparatus, also support that Muslim Brotherhood objective/agenda. See: Adam Kinzinger, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, etc.
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    Propaganda is all we are fed by the Main Stream media. No one actually has any facts anymore. They are just parrots repeating stories from other main stream media until it hits a frenzy.
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