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    It seems I am being hit hard from another group when trying to get LULAC to change to the real American flag - I have stated nothing about hate or being racist.
    Wow- these are the kind of responces I get ... r.offset=0 What makes my blood boil is....
    every post you've written in this thread, Tex.

    As the daughter of 2 immigrant parents, I could not be more than totally disgusted with your posts.

    I defy anyone to find someone who worked harder than my father when he arrived in my own country. He worked 3 jobs while he put himself through school at night to make a better life for his family.

    Do you know what?

    He told me stories of similar racist people like you who resented him for being here - for working hard - for allegedly taking a job away from a "real" Canadian.

    He heard all the slurs imaginable but kept working...
    kept being an honest family man doing the best he could for his family...supporting his family back in his native country...and supporting others who followed him to this country.

    It saddens me to hear a point of view like yours that sounds like something someone said to my father decades ago.

    Is this what makes you proud to be an American?

    Thank Goodness that I have known hundreds of Americans who don't think like you.


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    If literaly thousands feel differently, then I don't believe that Auora would have written you. It seems to have gotten under her skin.
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    -- John Wayne</div>

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    Illegal aliens, their supporters, the OBL's, the socio-ethnocentric groups (La Raza, LULAC, etc.) all scream racism because that's the only arguement they have. I have grown a thick skin and it just bounces off. If you look into their rhetoric, they expose themselves as the racists!

    I commend you for your activism and for engaging the criminals and lawbreakers.
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    Good for you for engaging them. You have truth on your side and the rule of law. All they have is name calling and their favorite is "racist."
    You know you aren't and we all know it too but they think they can shut you up with their name calling.
    Yes, I would say you get under their skin with the truth.
    "When injustice become law, resistance becomes duty." Thomas Jefferson

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