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Thread: Megyn Kelly is a liar

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    Megyn Kelly is a liar

    During the FOX News debates, Megyn Kelly stated that a FOX News poll showed 70% of Americans approved of a pathway to citizenship.

    After I regained my composure, I did a search for this FOX poll she referred to. There wasn't one. So today was just another nail in America's coffin by the media and our elected officials who refuse to represent us. Etch a sketch Romney also chimed in what he thought about the President's executive order.

    I just heard Rep. King (NY) say that if the media pounds the WH every night about the leaks we might get an investigation.

    So it looks like the media is in charge of our country instead of the grown-ups we elected. If that is the case we are in big trouble. Today's news has spread like wild fire throughout third world countries everywhere and they are planning their trip as we speak. In a couple of years we will have surpassed the halfway point of Dems and America will be gone.

    The media and our politicians have decided that illegal aliens are not illegal and we don't have any say in the matter. Pretty hopeless situation isn't it?

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    forgot to post the link to the Washington Post poll,

    Obama leapfrogs GOP DREAM Act - The Plum Line - The Washington Post

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    Im really sorry to hear Megan Kelly do that. I know that Greta and the fellas on Fox and Friends in the morning would not do that.

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    One of the key things I learned from my English teachers was the concept of slant, and how to employ in writing. If you are really good at it, you can sway a reader's mood, view point, opinion etc. Because of this, I am very wary of any polls. I know I can write questions that are slanted, either by what is included, or what is omitted, or by the choice of words used in the poll questions. Many of the polls slant their results by who they poll. For example, if you poll a group that is predominantly registered Democrats you will get a skewed set of results, compared to a poll that sampled a group of registered voters in the same proportion as their registered party, i.e., GOP, Democrat, Independent, Third party. I refuse to participate in polls because of this. I also pay little attention to them. Polling data in Wisconsin indicated it would be a close election regarding Walker's recall. A 7% margin of victory does not indicate a close election. Fox repeatedly reports Obama leading Romney, based on their polling data. But who was surveyed? In Wisconsin one of the major problems with the polling data was that most polls did not limit themselves to registered voters, therefore the responses of non-registered voters could easily undermine the accuracy of the election outcome prediction.

    My suggestion is to take any predictions based on polling data with a grain of salt (except in New York City. Bloomberg wants to ban salt)
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    IMO Ms kelly is a liberal although she does make attempts to hide it, I believe most in the media are but it would be difficult for anyone living and working in that environment to be conservative.
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