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Thread: Melania Stumps for Trump in Wisconsin

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    Melania Stumps for Trump in Wisconsin

    Apr 4 2016, 10:42 pm ET

    Melania Stumps for Donald Trump: 'He Will Punch Back 10 Times Harder'

    by Ali Vitali

    MILWAUKEE, Wisc. — Another multi-rally day for Trump was capped off with an appearance from a rare guest.

    Melania Trump joined her husband on the stump Monday, pushing back against claims that he is sexist or speaks too harshly about women.
    Reading from prepared notes, the former model told the crowd in the half-full Milwaukee Theater, "As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal."

    Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the crowd during a rally at the Milwaukee Theatre Monday, April 4, 2016, in Milwaukee. Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

    The lengthy remarks were a first for Melania, who is rarely on the trail, and when she has spoken in the past has kept it brief.

    Meanwhile, Trump was on offense regarding delegate allocation and wins. Comparing the delegate fight to a prize fight, Trump pointed to Louisiana as a sign of the unfair nature of the delegate system.

    "You see where I won Louisiana and then I find out that I am not supposed to get as many delegates as the person that I beat. What kind of stuff is that? And somebody said there is a rule and another rule. I don't care about rules, folks. I go out, I campaign, we win. We win. We get the delegates, right?"

    He also predicted that he'll win the nomination before the convention, despite all the talk of delegate math and contested conventions.
    Outside the rally, anticipated protests never came. Inside, interruptions were few and brief.

    One person threw something at Trump during his remarks and missed. Trump security says the man left but they caught him. Officials said he was cited and released.

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    Everyone there seemed to like her. They also really liked her on the Hannity Town Hall meeting that was scheduled earlier. They had to open all the decks for that one with more people than expected.
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    And I would like the First Lady going back to being a gracious host, getting involved in charity, working with kids, supporting the President in the background.

    NOT flying all over the world on the taxpayer dime on lavish vacations, on separate planes from the President, telling other countries what to do, and giving OUR money away! NOT putting their nose in the school lunch program, or any other political programs where she should not.

    That is exactly why I, personally, would not want Ted Cruz' wife in the White House as First Lady. Too much influence with Wall Street and her own agenda. Thinking she has a "free" pass to do as she pleases...NO!
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