I need to say one thing first and that is I love the Statue of Liberty but not all that it stands for. It is a wonderful image that stands in New York to welcome all who come to visit our country. I feel just as patriotic when I look at the Statue of Liberty. It has only recently that I have began to think about what is written on the Statue of Liberty. It speaks of how it is their for all the people who are yearning to be free. It is a lovely sentiment and we should help as many immigrants we can as long as it does harm the citizens who are already here. Mexico has limitations on how many people may enter the country just like we do. Most countries have a limit of how many people can live and work from other countries. That is because there is a limit to how many people can be allowed to come into the country according to the resources available. There are only so many jobs, so much housing and especially low cost housing that is their for those who need the low cost housing. When we have a flood of immigrants coming into the country it can have an affect similar to that when a tsunami and all the waves that come crashing time and time again. When it is done there is not much left. I see that illegal immigrants who come in without even trying to come in within the law. We are not prepared to house, feed, and educate the children who come with their parents. We don't have enough jobs for the Americans that are born and bred here. It would be nice if we could cure all the problems of the world but the facts are we cannot even solve our own problems. There is a saying "charity begins at home". If we could come to a time where all our Americans have jobs and all our children are not going hungry and have to line up so they can have a place to sleep for the night. We just do not have enough resources to help all the people who are coming to find this mythical place called the American dream. In the past they used to say that the streets in America were paved in gold and some people actually believed that.

The Statue of Liberty and it's wonderful words that have been written on it. People love to quote it while speaking of illegal immigrants and their need to find jobs or other reasons they come here. I wish there was enough room for every man, woman and child to come and live in our country but the fact is we do not have the resources. No country in the world has those kind of resources. The next time someone quotes what is on the Statue of Liberty there is something that can be said. They need to be reminded that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French. Why they put that saying on it there is no way to know because those responsible are long dead. So we need to take it with a grain of salt and as they say consider the source. I wonder how other people see what is written there.