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Thread: Mexican Government Changes Diplomats to Counter Trump’s ‘Hostile’ Message

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    Mexican Government Changes Diplomats to Counter Trump’s ‘Hostile’ Message

    6 Apr 2016

    The Mexican government has begun to circle the wagons as the possibility of a Trump presidency begins to take shape. This week, Mexico changed key members of it’s diplomatic team in order to “remain firm” amid what they are calling a “hostile” environment.

    These comments were made Wednesday afternoon by Mexico’s Foreign Relations Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu during a meeting with various members of that country’s senate, Mexico’s La Jornada reported. During that meeting, Ruiz Massieu spoke about the most significant change, the recent replacement of Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Miguel Basanez by Carlos Sada Solana. The change was a sudden one since Basanez had only served as ambassador for seven months before he was replaced.

    In addition to replacing Mexico’s ambassador, the goverment is expected to change various consuls and other members of its diplomatic team in the coming days in what they are calling a “change in strategy.”

    Citing an “increase in hostilities” by U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Riuz Massieu said Mexico needed for its foreign policies to be more intense and strategic.

    Mexico’s reaction comes in an apparent response to a newly revealed strategy by Donald Trump, who as Breitbart News reported, released his plan to force Mexico to pay for a proposed border wall. The plan calls for Mexico to make a one time payment of $5-10 billion or he would use the U.S. Patriot Act to cut off remittances or money transfers sent to Mexico.

    Trump’s hard stance against illegal immigration, drug cartels and transnational crime has earned him increasing popularity and the recent endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents close to 17,000 men and women that make up the U.S. Border Patrol, Breitbart Texas recently reported. His hard stance on border issues has also made him a target for left of center news outlets.
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    Go Trump! But as can be expected the internationalists are digging in their heels to play hardball. They definitely want a Third World Revolution, at any cost.
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    Yeah, they see their little robbery tricks about to unfold.

    Wait until we tell them we're legalizing the drug trade in the United States, on a domestic basis only of course, no imports, no exports to avoid international complications, owned and operated A to Z by licensed US citizens, then watch their heads explode. That's $300 billion a year right there just in drug sales, 70% of that is marijuana, for our country instead of Mexico. See the wisdom, folks. And that's before we count the other damage the War on Drugs has cost the United States in illegal immigration, crime, court expenses, incarcerations, policing, and on and on and on.

    Time to get smart.
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    “change in strategy.”
    So they have had a strategy in place - invasion, take our jobs, acquire monies thru remittances, get rid of poor overpopulation.

    The illegals here spend so little in USA and send the majority back to mexico. They sardine into housing and conveniently pay only $100 a month EACH for housing in major expensive cities. Not sure how that works out in rural areas. Their "exploding with babies" routine as LaRaza puts it, are paid for by American citizens - mother's birthing, healthcare, schooling for years to come, monies and the more babies, the more money.

    Look at the tax incentive costing us $4billion a year for nieces and nephews IN MEXICO! And going on for years, 2012 they were supposed to do something, it is 2016 & now just introducing a bill.

    If our gov't did not want this to be happening, it would not. The sell out is for more consumers, cheap labor, dumber population that will not fight pollution, destruction of wilderness areas. It dos not matter that drug cartels, addiction, crime, murders, rapes of children also come along with these invaders. The permission of this takeover is treasonous!
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